Thursday, December 8, 2016

Dinner And a Movie

"It's easier to avoid temptation than to resist it."

Welcome back my little piglets. If you are anything like me, during this process you struggled tremendously with the temptation of food and trying to figure out how to successfully eat according to the Nutritional Guide. I may be able to help you. Come on in and grab a seat at the table. I have prepared some nice treats for you. I will set the table then leave you with a nice movie to settle into to close out this post. Shall we proceed?

HIV/AIDS is a very difficult and ugly disease to deal with publicly so most of us keep it to ourselves. Great idea as long as you plan on doing something about it. Sometimes you have questions that you can't ask others in your daily lives but I hope you will find many people here who are willing to share with you what has worked for them. We are ALL here to support each other, not just me. I am proud of what this blog has developed into. In the comments section you will find all sorts of support, love, and information. I am also proud to announce that one of my readers have began his own blog. His name is Phinest25. You may be able to find his name in the comments section shortly. Click on his name and it will take you straight to his blog. 

I encourage you all to start your own blogs. Why? Because what was the biggest problem you faced when trying to decide whether or not to take Dr. Sebi's treatment to cure yourself of HIV? There was absolutely NO firsthand accounts of anyone else doing it. Just rumors, the Supreme Court Case ruling, YouTube videos, his book, and! We really need more reference material for those who will come after us. One of my readers commented that they too have been cured. Whether or not you get it on the first try, or you fall and get back up, please share it. Why? Because everyone are on different levels and all need someone they can relate to. You may be man, woman, married, single, gay, straight, black, white, old, or young. All of those categories are needed. Someone may relate to you more than me. Someone needs to see someone else struggle through this then make it out on top. Failure is not the end result. It is the park bench where you rest before finishing the trail. I will help you. 

Eating right is a struggle because we are surrounded by wrong. Everything is wrong. Even the air we breathe is wrong. It is so hard to find alkaline foods in our every day lives. We are surrounded by fast food restaurants and processed or hybrid foods. But where is the natural stuff?

Game time. You want to be cured right? So try to stay focused. One of the major things that I battled with was the "F" word. Free! That's right. Free food. Even when I was doing good and maintaining my diet, the devil would rear his ugly little head, usually at work.

 I didn't care if I had my bowl of fruits, or my bromide smoothie and salad right there on my desk. As soon as they would come around and say, "Selah, you know there is some food in the kitchen for everyone, right?" I would stand to my feet and march right in there as if I had never heard of Dr. Sebi a day in my life. Or, there were days when I would try my hardest to fight it but the aroma of the food would just make its way over to my desk and call me by name. Sometimes the smell was so good I could taste it on my tongue. Or, in the beginning, when I didn't know how to make a satisfactory alkaline meal, I would find myself always hungry. These are things I had to learn to deal with.

First things first, avoid tempting situations at all costs. If you know there will be free food available at work on a certain day, tell your coworkers ahead of time not to include you, as you are on a strict diet or cleanse. Or even better, avoid that area of the office or building at all costs just for that day.

Pack your lunch and bring your breakfast if you have to. Experiment with different smoothies at home. Find what you like. You don't have to eat EVERYTHING on the list. You just can't eat what is not on there. I found that my favorite two ingredients to have in a smoothie was banana and/or mango. The bananas would always have to be fresh but the mangoes could be found in the frozen section of the grocery store. This made my life a million times easier. My preferred brand was Goya because I checked the ingredients of all of the frozen fruits and Goya was the one who had 100% the labeled fruit and nothing else. Having my mangoes already peeled and ready to be dropped into my NutriBullet made life a breeze. I added my Bromide Plus powder and walnuts for the milk and went about my day. Most of the time, I would not be able to finish my smoothie in one day or it would take hours to do so. That helped me avoid temptation.

Also, you can make fruit salads. Fruits are easier for most people to eat than vegetables. They just taste better and are juicy. Pick a few items on the Nutritional Guide list that you like, cut them up the night before or early in the morning and put them in a Tupperware container. Put as much as you want. This isn't a weight-loss diet. This is for healing. I liked to add walnuts or sprinkle some hemp on my fruit salads. I usually chose cantaloupe, cherries, watermelon, mangoes, bananas, and apples. This was very filling for me. If the fruits were not as sweet as I would like that day, then I would add a small amount of agave. A little drip does the trick. I also keep my gallon of water in the actual gallon bottle. It made it easier for me to track my progress and motivate myself. I drank right out of the container.

My afternoon salads of choice consisted of dark, leafy, greens with walnuts once again. I believe the nuts are what keeps me full. I would sometimes add garbanzo beans, avocados, or mushrooms in place of the meat. I came to fall in love with onions and bell peppers. Every salad had to have them. I even drizzled agave on my salad sometimes when I needed a little sweetness. At other times I would use key lime juice to give my salads some kick. You can also incorporate hemp seeds into the smoothies, fruit or salads.

I often craved warm foods. During this time, I would make garbanzo bean soups if I didn't feel like making a full course spelt, kale, mushroom, and green banana meal. If you are lucky to have someone around to cook for you, bless you. Because I was depressed so much I could barely get my gallon of water down. When my brother was in town, life was so much easier because he would cook for me and make spelt dumplings to eat with the gravy he made from the mushrooms. Yum!!! 

Finding the time to prepare food when you already have a busy schedule is a bummer. If you want to avoid running into the deadly foods that are everywhere around you, I suggest you keep an ice cooler in the trunk of your car. Here you can store your fruits and vegetables, as well as coconut water all day long. Whenever you get hungry, you can just go to the trunk of your car no matter where you are. I know it may sound crazy, but it saved me many times from going to Wendy's or McDonald's. Prep ahead of time and store it in your car. 

Eating the same things over and over again can be an issue for some people also. You have to be creative. Make the foods attractive. Slice them up in certain ways or even juice them. Make soups and teas. You can eat them raw or even make pancakes out of them. Here is an alkaline cookbook I found online that you can play around with to get some ideas. Keep in mind that this book is somewhat outdated and includes several items that has since been removed from the Nutritional Guide. I will try to list the items in the recipes to avoid.

Here is the link to what was called Dr. Sebi's Cookbook. Avoid the following ingredients:

almond milk
almond butter
mustard greens

Basically, avoid anything that is not on the current Nutritional Guide and make substitutions as needed. There are also various videos on YouTube showing you how to prepare certain alkaline meals. You can search "alkaline meals" or "electric foods". Use those keywords in your search. As for me, raw was the most convenient for me and I would only cook those foods which required very little preparation time. My son was a big fan of my spelt spaghetti with mushrooms. He also like the kale and mushrooms and garbanzo bean soup.

Also, applesauce became one of my best friends. It was like my ice cream, but 200 time healthier. If anyone else has any more tips on food prep or avoiding temptation, please leave them in the comments section below.

As you all should know by now, Lauryn Hill is my idol. I love her to pieces. She was like the mother I never had and always wanted. Her music helped me through my healing process. Well, guess what? I found a father. Let me introduce you to my father, Eric Thomas the Hip Hop Preacher. Hopefully, he will motivate you as much as he motivated me. This was the speech that caught my attention. So here is the movie that I promised. Let me know what you guys think.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

How to Identify When You Are Releasing Mucus

"As I see it, every day you do one of two things: build health or produce disease in yourself."
-Adelle Davis

Let's get right to it. Anyone following the Sebi diet and taking herbs has one thing on their radar, mucus! Every herb we swallow, tonic we drink, vegetable we consume or gallon of water we intake, we are always checking for mucus. But how do we know what to look for? Some of us don't and others are unsure.

Let's have a crappy conversation, shall we?



Mucus is released in various ways. The one we are most common with is that of the stool. This is what mucus looks like in the poop. Mucus in stool can be a symptom of digestive problems or it can be a result of a successful colon cleansing. 

Mucus is generally pretty easy to identify. It can be white, yellow, or clear in color. In all cases, however, mucus will retain a jelly-like consistency. Mucus may cover the entire surface of the poop or may appear in small particles. In the latter case, the substance may resemble worms somewhat, but do not be alarmed if it does.

When cleansing, you might notice increased amounts of mucus. In most people, the mucus builds up gradually as your colon works to protect itself from the unhealthy foods you eat.

All human beings have mucus in their urinary tract. The mucus appears as crystals, secretions or threads. You may find it in the penis and urethra of a man and the uterus and vagina of a woman. Here are a few pictures of what to look for:

Eye mucus, also referred to as eye gunk, boogers or goop, is not a pleasant sight. It mostly forms at night and early in the mornings. This is not as common as the other areas that release mucus while on Dr. Sebi's treatments. Eye mucus may mean several other things such as illness and infections. Here's what to look for.


I couldn't find any decent information on mucus being released through the skin or sweating, but I was told that it is possible. Also, a very common way I released mucus other than through the poop and urine was the throat. It would just come up while I was in the middle of speaking. No coughing necessary. Mucus' most common escape route is through the nose, of course.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Gay for Stay? Gay for Pay? Gay for Play? Is Gay Okay? Please Explain...

This post is long overdue. This, by far, may be my most emotional, raw and heartfelt post to date. There are issues which are constantly swept under the rug or forced down our throats to be accepted. There are topics which are considered as taboo or forbidden conversation. Well, I say damn that! People are hurting due to some of this bullshit and I am one of them.

This new era has been nothing but a shit-storm destined for disaster so only the elite can survive and rebuild the nation as they see fit.

What am I talking about? Topics such as racism, poverty, immigration, stereotypes, child abuse, sexual abuse, rape, incest, pedophilia, obesity, politics, religion, and that's right, you guessed it...HOMO-SEXUALITY!!!!

Yes, I am going there today. If anyone finds fault in anything I have to say today or no longer likes me due to my views on this one topic then I say to hell with you because you were never for me to begin with. I have never degraded anyone, or shown any negativity to anyone I have written about or any of my readers, but if you love me the way you claim to, you will understand why I need to get this off of my chest.

Whew! Breathe Selah...

Read in context, not in emotion. 

As you all know from reading my blog, I was in a serious relationship with a man named Anthony. A man who I came to discover had slept with at least one man in the past. My life has been shattered as a result of it. There were a chain of events which took place after my discovery. Pains in my heart and soul that the words of the English language won't even allow me to reach. Maybe I should learn Latin or Greek. They probably have a word to describe my constant agony.

Where do I begin? I am so disheveled when it comes to this topic. Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would be speaking on this from experience. The chances of me being struck by lightning were more probable in my mind.

Okay, so I'm just going to wing it. I am truly all over the place in my mind right now. Too many cloudy thoughts stampeding through my head at once to get it all coherently written down.

Anthony hurt me...

Yes, I'll start there.

Anthony gave me hope.

Anthony gave me love and support.

Anthony made me believe in love.

Anthony made me believe in black love.

Anthony treated me like a queen.

Anthony was a "queen".

Anthony broke my heart... 


I need you guys to help me. I have dedicated months of my life, even a year, to helping all of you. Now, is your chance to return the favor. Your girl, me, is hurting badly. I have been hurting for exactly 387 endless days while exerting tons of energy to try to cover it up. I think I have been doing a spectacular job at it.

"Nobody knows the troubles I've seen.
Nobody knows my sorrow."

Before I met Anthony, life was extremely tough. But so was I. I struggled gracefully. Everyone who knew me called me strong. Every guy who had the pleasure of dating me was able to walk away with their lives drastically enhanced. Whether it was me helping to clear their criminal record, finding them decent work, getting them off of drugs and/or alcohol, or even obtaining a high school diploma or equivalency. In several cases, I even helped them to obtain a relationship with their children.

Why am I telling you this? Because I am suffering in silence and don't know how to ask for help. That's not in my vocabulary.

You would have thought overcoming HIV would be the most difficult thing life could dish at you right? Nope! Not for me. Not when your life has been so hard that you always knew you would die young, most likely from suicide or at the hands of a family member. Looking back, HIV was a cakewalk compared to what I had to deal with beforehand. HIV is pretty much only a matter of changing what you consume. Boom! Problem solved.

However, these are the things I struggle with. The love of my life is gay. Or was gay? Or was he, or is he bisexual? Do you see what I mean?! I throw my hands up in the air sometimes when I begin to wrestle with these thoughts.

He NEVER wanted to have anal sex with me, not that I wanted him to either. But I asked him a few times just to mess with him. But he didn't even care for that type of joke. He never really allowed me to give him oral either. He said I was his queen and "dick-sucking" was for the hoes in the street he used to run through. I said okay and shrugged my shoulders because I didn't really want to "suck dick" anyway. I was spoiled in the bedroom. He had nuuuuumerous females in the past that he had sex with. It didn't take much for him to bag one. But he wasn't into giving oral sex. He was always on the receiving end because they were "hoes," as he put it. 

But that wasn't going to fly for me. He pursued a committed relationship with me and even marriage. So, now he had to do what it would take to maintain me. We were friends years before we got together, so he knew I loved receiving oral more than my next breath! Lol. So he shyly approached the dinner table  and played around with the utensils until he had become familiar with the tools and gathered his bearings. Of course, I had no problem teaching him either. Just call me Professor. Lol. Because his heart was so set on pleasing me, he became a novice in no time. Hands down, the best I ever had! Not to mention his sex game sky-rocketed off the charts as well. He learned how to be passionate and romantic, taking his time with every crevice of my body. Not that I taught him that. I can't take credit there because I was never really into the slow-gaze-into-my-eyes-and-kiss-me-gently type of sex before I met him. Then, I realized that I was only open to this depth of what I used to consider "TV romance" now because love was present. I was finally on the receiving end of love. Don't get me wrong, my heart is bigger than all of the Galapagos Islands. I have legitimately loved everyone I have allowed into my life. I have even been picked on many times for being this way. But I also realize that a lot of those people did not love me in return. They never knew how to love. Never experienced love. Or they had so much bull crap going on, that love was not their focus. Did they care about me? Of course! With every fiber of their being. They were just incapable or maybe even unwilling to give me what I didn't even know I deserved then.

But then came Anthony. His love was more than just words. I didn't even want to love him. I thought I was done with that. But his love was filled with actions, effort and sacrifices on his part. He showed me that love could sprout from the darkest places and from the most unexpected people. I was fulfilled. I was whole. My son had a father-figure who saw him as a blessing instead of an obstacle in his way of getting to me like most men of my past. He loved me and I felt it. His will was there, all I had to do with him was a little redirecting and polishing up. Every day with him was like the first day. I go crying again...
Will it ever end? Will the pain ever subside?

We studied (one of my favorite things to do) African history, religion, nutrition and spirituality together. We went out on dates at least three times per month. We traveled together. Everything! He was the pep to my step. The rhythm to my rhyme. The thought on my mind. Everything. Other than being at work, he was always with me. Not because I made him, but because he wanted to be. 

But then my intuition kicked in and I found out about his past. He was with a man. He put jack in the box. Traded pussy lips for cocks. Had me wondering if he was a bottom or a top.

Why? Because there was absolutely nothing feminine about him.

Ugh! My stomach hurts...

Either way it goes, he still sucked a dick. Right? I mean, isn't that how it goes? Whether you're a top or a bottom, pitcher or a catcher, you still suck dick, right? I'm confused. Somebody please explain this shit to me. I know I have quite a few gay readers. You don't have to disclose your identity, but help me understand this shit. I am torn and will forever be if I don't wrap my head around these shenanigans.

He said he's not gay. How the fuck?! You were out there sword fighting. One sword fight constitutes a homosexual in my mind. And I don't believe in bisexuality either. I can eat chicken and beef but not pork. It's all meat, so that still makes me a carnivore, right?

Did he mean that he wasn't gay while he was with me? Why didn't he tell me? Was he afraid of coming out of the closet or afraid of losing me? Even when he contacts me now, I don't have the heart to ask him because I know he will be embarrassed and he probably still wouldn't give me an answer. It seems like something he's going to take to the grave.

What is so appealing about two men screwing? I even watched a few gay porns to see if I could understand it and it still makes no sense to me. Makes me nauseous. Dick in the butt hurts. And if the one who's throwing it likes butthole so much, I am more than sure all WOMEN have one. I really don't understand. I'm not pretending here. Help me out someone. I am perplexed. 

How can someone be with men and women? Be attracted to men and women? I have never desired a woman in my life or even as much as a threesome. What is going on in America? He ruined my life. I feel like all men secretly want a penis in their keister or an egg in their mouth for Easter. I am afraid to let them get near me.

But...for some reason, I still love Anthony. Why? After he apologized and I was cured and  there was nothing else to really be mad at, I realized I still loved him. Or do I ? Is it him that I love? Or the idea of the love he provided me with that I am infatuated by? I'm not really sure about anything anymore other than the fact that I can't function normally anymore. Other than the fact that I hate seeing men dress up as women or act like women. That's what we have women for. That job is already taken. No matter how much ass you eat or lube you use it will never be a pussy. That belongs to the female anatomy. I am sure that I don't agree with people who alter their bodies to favor a gender other than the one on their birth certificates being allowed to go to prisons or correctional facilities as whatever they identify with. You chose that life so deal with the consequences. If you were born a man, go to the male dorms of the correctional facility. A white woman can't wake up and change her color to black and be addressed as such. Nor can a black woman do the opposite. There is a lack of respect for the natural order of things that rubs me the wrong way. Two men can not produce children. Nature chooses what gender and color we are. Some things just shouldn't be changed.

Do I hate gay people (male or female)? I don't think so. I just feel hurt every time I see one. I feel afraid for my son by the way it is sensationalized in television and music these days. I want my child to be a man. Be responsible, get married, have children, the whole nine. Not be feminine or weak. I couldn't imagine any part of his body being penetrated. That would break my heart. I had a son, not a daughter. I don't think anyone is born that way. I also think a person should be able to express that they do not promote homosexuality as long as they aren't hurting the person or degrading them. How did homosexuals get more rights than all other amendments? Just this morning, comedian Mike Epps was under fire for refusing to take a picture with a gay man who was dressed as a woman at his show. Is that not that man's fucking right to choose who with and when he takes pictures?! They paid for tickets to watch a show, not a meet & greet and photo-op. I think homosexuality is just a trend right now because it has become so popular and after a few decades, it will die out. I think a lot of people turn gay because of acceptance.

Why are you in the closet? Why sleep with women? Do you legitimately find women attractive?

And I also have wisdom enough to know that these are all thoughts. There are a lot of things that I don't know and my views are subject to change upon education. I am trying to find this book to help me heal. It is not in stock anywhere and I don't want to wait for shipping. I want it today.

I also watched a brief interview with the author of the book when Oprah interviewed him on her show. You can view it on the link below. Let me know what you think.


Monday, December 5, 2016

The Only People Who Have Ever Been Cured of HIV

I just stumbled across this article. It popped up in my phone's news alerts. I thought I would share it with you guys. Even the scientists and doctors are having to admit that people have been cured of HIV. They still are reluctant to use the word "cure" but that's exactly what some of them are saying. They are also stating that they are close to developing a cure themselves. The people in this article who they are claiming have been cured did it themselves. The medical experts are giving them credit while taking it away at the same time. Personally, I think they are trying to devise a way to release the cure (which they have had all along since the time the sick bastards created the disease) and still make a hefty amount of money as they have been doing over the years.

Follow this link, read the article and let me know what you think:

I guess they never heard o Dr. Sebi or just chose to keep him out of the article for whatever reason. Maybe because is doesn't generate any money for them. I don't know. I just don't understand people and their fuckery sometimes. Anyway, this was just a short, unplanned post. Enjoy!

Cravings Compromising the Cure

"Every failure will teach you something else about how to succeed."
Brit Morin

Let's be honest. What was the most difficult part in crossing over to the alkaline way of life? That's right! The limited diet!

Was that really  the problem? Or is the real underlying problem self-control? Well, I experienced a bit of both and I still struggle with self-control, not only with eating. But let's focus on the alkaline diet for now because that is what fuels the cure.

Completely crossing over to the alkaline diet 100% is like going to war without first going to basic training or boot camp. Anyone who tells you it is easy is a liar and deserves a swift backhand to the face (just kidding about the backhand). It is truly a struggle for most. Those people who have transitioned easily more than likely were already vegetarians or vegan. Therefore, they only had to adjust a few items from their daily regimen.

Like most of my readers, I was neither. I had just began studying Dr. Sebi a few months before my diagnosis and was slowly transitioning my way to electric foods (the foods found on his Nutritional Guide). But there was no reason for urgency behind it. I was not sick. I only wanted to be at optimal health like Dr. Sebi was. Maybe run a few marathons and kick some butt in basketball. I didn't understand how to put the meals together without any meat or rice. A lot of times I craved warm food and didn't know how to go about doing that with the ingredients I was given. And then there was the issue of availability. Once you begin transitioning to an alkaline diet, with time, you become an avid label-reader and your eyes finally become able to see. Yes, if you are not eating correctly or at least TRYING to eat correctly, you are B-L-I-N-D.

You will not be able to see the death trap the government and FDA has set up for us. Here, I'll be a doll and let you borrow my glasses for a moment. But don't rat me out. I am in full disguise.

Okay, we are all taking the same walk. You are trying to eat right so you can raise the pH level of your body and create an environment within which no disease can survive. Correct? You did well for breakfast. Woke up early and grabbed yourself a banana or a smoothie with Dr. Sebi approved ingredients. You successfully fought the urge to eat items from your past life. You know, things like grits, eggs, bacon sausage, pancakes, coffee or hash browns. Some even have the routine of going to Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks in the morning on their way to work.

Due to the fact that you sacrificed an extra hour of sleep to be proactive in your eating choices, you feel really good about yourself and head out to work with your head up high. You are strong! You have will power! You are accomplished!!!

But noon rolls around ad your stomach is beginning to use endless expletives and calling you four-letter words. Oh my! Where's your strength now? You tell yourself you can handle this. Breakfast was a breeze so lunch should be no problem. Right?

Wrong! Lol. You become frantic, scampering around the building for food. You run to each vending machine but there is nothing there you can eat. You zoom to the parking lot and drive block after block, street after street, and even mile after mile. Nothing but fast food restaurants. And the few who do offer salads only come with cheese or the wrong type of tomatoes, iceberg lettuce (which is a hybrid) or meat. Ugh! "Fuck my life!" you scream.

What do you do? Starve or make a small exception for a cheat?
The truth is, it is going to be very hard to find food which is acceptable to consume out in the streets. Then there are those days that you have already eaten based on the Nutritional Guide but you just keep having these relentless cravings. Cravings will be the death of us all if we don't grab hold of them and put them in their place.


Several of my readers have shared with me their most recurrent cravings of foods like sweets and or meats and sodas. My biggest craving was salty french fries, preferably just for its salt content. Sometimes I would buy the fries just to suck the salt off of them. And every now and then, more often around my menstrual cycle, I would crave red meat. But only in the beginning of my diet change.

I tried to make the chart below as big as possible. I hope you all can read it. This is just some things I found on the web concerning cravings. But I will type what the actual researchers found in scientific studies below these charts. I believe the studies would possibly be more accurate.


Chocolate is high in magnesium. Cravings often mean your body is deficient in magnesium, which is a common deficiency. 

Magnesium activates over 300 enzyme reactions in the body, translating to thousands of biochemical reactions happening on a constant basis daily. Magnesium is crucial to nerve transmission, muscle contraction, blood coagulation, energy production, nutrient metabolism and bone cell formation.

Instead of giving in to this chocolate craving, there are several other foods which will fulfill this magnesium craving. I will only list the Sebi approved items. Foods rich with magnesium include dark leafy greens, bananas, nuts, seeds, beans, dried fruit and avocados.

If you crave sweets you may be experiencing blood sugar fluctuations. When your blood sugar drops, your body may be trying to get you to give it more fuel to keep your blood sugar levels stable. If this is a chronic occurrence you may have hypoglycemia, which simply means low blood sugar. Giving in to refined sugars such as cookies, cakes, or candies will only make the problem worse and cause a blood sugar roller coaster that leads to more cravings.

Instead of sweets, reach for a juicy piece of fruit instead. Or at least try. Sweets have always been the easiest craving to combat for me. Fruit is just as sweet and tasty AND it turns out to be healthy. I like cantaloupe, fuji apples, watermelon, cherries and bananas. Those are my go to treats. And mangoes! Let's not forget mangoes!  

Sweetness as an emotional experience is often craved when we are unable to process sadness; when we're hoping to temporarily cover up our low points with a little burst of sugar high. Whether we view this experience on a biochemical level (relating the experience to a lack of serotonin, a pleasure-oriented neurotransmitter that is low when we're sad but stimulated by sweet flavors) or a more spiritual view (that we are quite literally looking for "sweet" experiences in life, which also stimulate serotonin release) makes all the difference in the world. On a physical level, we must eat something, while spiritually that craving could be satisfied by any number of enjoyable life experiences. The challenge is to see whether the craving could be satisfied by taking a hot bath or getting a massage, or by sitting in natural settings and letting the beauty of the world sink in.

There is a difference between sweetness that heals and sweetness that temporarily bandages.

Here is my poison. I always craved salt and the diagnosis was perfect. I wrote about this on a previous post. Cravings for salty foods often indicate stress hormone fluctuations in the body. Getting on top of the stress in your life is step one. The adrenal glands help your body cope with stress and, in our fast-paced, hectic lives, tend to become worn out, especially from stress-hormone production. Try meditation, breathing exercises or other stress management techniques. Research at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City showed that people who take a break to breathe deeply or meditate before reaching for salty snacks reduced their stress hormones by 25 percent and cut the bingeing in half.

Salt cravings can also mean you are dehydrated or have a mineral deficiency.

When stress is present and intense for long enough, the adrenal glands become exhausted and reduce the creation of aldosterone, a hormone that helps to retain sodium. Individuals with high stress levels will therefore often crave salt because their body is attempting to replenish what's lost. A hankering for salt may be related to iodine deficiency as well, as it is the body's way of calling out for natural sea-based minerals.

Excess and constant life stress that leads to adrenal exhaustion, however, is often a sign of resistance to "flow." Salt cravings indicate that we are trying to "solidify" ourselves because we are overwhelmed and afraid; we are using salt as a kind of mineralized fortification, thinking that hardness and strength are what we need in order to deal with whatever experience is presenting itself. The problem is that while salt may temporarily fix the water balance and bolster our stress reserves, it does not work in the long term, and the hardness we want to develop only ends up creating resistance, not healing.

At the root of this craving is the potential to find acceptance without making our stance on life more barricaded or controlled; to find the strength in trust, in flexibility, rather than enforcing our walls even more. Cravings for salt can be appeased by affirming our trust in the process of our life; by working on mindfulness and acceptance, and fortifying ourselves with fluidity, not hardness.

If your adrenal glands are worn out, try eating more leafy greens which helps to supply your body with minerals that support the adrenal glands, especially potassium.


Cravings for nut butters, oils or fried foods often relate to calcium deficiency. Fatty cravings may also be quite straightforward in their motivation, and indicate a physical desire for good quality EFAs for hormonal balance and cellular stability.

There is a difference, however, between a gentle craving for good fats and the ability to inhale a tub of almond butter in three days...

Fat digestion occurs in the presence of bile, which is manufactured by the liver. When we tend to eat too many fatty foods because we're constantly craving them, and then find that our upper abdominal area is bloated and uncomfortable, we have challenged the liver too much. As the liver is the physical seat of personal power - the third chakra - it is as though we are eating these difficult foods because we have yet to accept our own importance, and feel the need to keep the full reality of our power squashed down by physical discomfort. In this instance, our cravings are coming from our wounded ego, looking to perpetuate old hurts and a reduced sense of self worth.

Accepting our own authenticity and importance frees our power, but we have to want it, demand it. Going against social norms that cultivate insecurity more often than not, we can know ourselves to be worthy and incredible not because we fit into a particular box, but because as authentic individuals we are a necessary contribution to the whole. Through articulating our experience and understanding ourselves better, it's possible to see how beautiful we really are, and how much we have to give the world. This releases restrictions on our sense of personal power, on our liver function overall.

Below, I have shared a link to cover the remainder of the cravings I omitted from this post, such as what cravings for meat, cheese, ice cream, bread, fries, pasta and burgers mean:
What Your Cravings Are Secretly Telling You About Your Health

8 Tips to Increase Self Control

I will share the 8 Tips to Increase Self Control Below. These tips are from psychologist Ellen Hendrikson. If you want to see each of them in detail, click on this link and it will take you to her website. 

  1. Know That Self Control Can Be Increased
  2. Define What You're Trying to Control
  3. Don't Rely on Brute Force
  4. Reduce the Attractiveness of Your Temptations
  5. Increase the Attractiveness of Your Task
  6. Modify Your Environment
  7. Self-Talk
  8. Cut Yourself Some Slack
It is a short, but very informative article. I believe we all struggle with self control in one area or another. Self control, although highly underrated, is one of the most powerful tools to have in your arsenal.

I know it's easier said than done when dealing with cravings, but try to keep your eyes on the prize. The more self control you have the less time you'll have to have it for because the cure will be here before you know it.