Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Coming Soon: Support Q & A

Hey guys,

I am back by popular demand. I wanted to stop writing but you guys have flooded me with so much love and showed me the impact my blog has had on the lives of so many. I read comments saying things such as "this is my #1 spot because it is filled with love and hope and even the occasional LOL." One of my readers have even began writing their own blog on their journey to the cure. I have also noticed that many seek and find support here. One way or another, we have all become a very close-knit family sharing and helping each other without judgement. This is a safe space for soon to be cured Sebians.

So, whenever I can, I will be reviewing the comments section to see which areas are of the most concern and where people need help on this journey. For example, my first Q & A session will be tackling cravings. I will answer many questions and concerns in reference to cravings during combating HIV in my next post. So, if you have any issues with cravings or would like me to address a certain area, please feel to advise me in the comments section below and I will do my best to cover it.

Love you all...

-Queen Selah