Monday, March 7, 2016

Selah Unleashed - Donation Information

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GOFUNDME link above.

"God has not called us to see through each other, but to see each other through."

As per your request, there is now a GoFundMe account specifically for those who would like to contribute to this journey of curing HIV/AIDS. You are not obligated to give anything. I will continue to share my experience. But any contribution, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated. I will also post all receipts for any of Dr. Sebi's products purchased with the money.

Thank you my loves for the great idea and the outpouring of support.

Peace and blessings,

Queen Selah
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  1. I wish I could have gotten contact with you sooner to let you know that dr. Sebi is a fraud and a liar.

    1. But how? There's no traces of the virus found in her. 🤔

    2. Empress Shah,

      I have encountered several people saying this before I even ordered his packages and came to two conclusions.

      1) Not everyone yields the same results from his products. Maybe because they lack discipline or don't follow the guide accordingly.

      2) I try not to hold it against anyone who has ACTUALLY TRIED IT THEMSELVES and it didn't work because failure when you are sick can be very disheartening. So I try to be understanding instead of upset.

      -Queen Selah

    3. I understand. Being that you are a selfhealer now, I respect your thoughts. You have inspired do many.

    4. Queen Selah... You've helped so many. So many persons try and are filled with doubt about the possibility of it working. Your words mean so much to do many. Did the antibodies go away as well? Because that's what the conventional tests tests for.

  2. Xoxoxoxo congratulations