Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Day 129 - Sunday, March 27, 2016

"We think we need so many useless things, when all we really need is time to breathe."

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate. I woke up with the intention of taking my son to ride his dirt bike today but his best friend's dad was blowing up my phone again. I hadn't even woken up all the way because we were out so late last night at the beach. So, you know what I did. I ignored it. Until he sent the text messages.

He said he and his wife was taking the kids to the Zoo and he really wanted my son to come along. I woke my son up to ask him and he said yes. But he really wasn't ready to get up. His friend's parents said to be ready in thirty minutes. So, I told Cuddle Bug to get dressed and he could sleep in the car on the way there. He did. 

By the time I looked out the window, they were in front of my house. I took my own car as always. Because when I get ready to leave I want to leave! I don't want anyone telling me they are not ready to go yet. No sir! That won't cut it for me. I hate to be out so I am usually the first one to want to go home.

The boys had a pretty decent time at the park. The food was NOT tempting because it was so overpriced. I got a lot of cardio from all of the walking we were doing. Our favorite animal was the tiger because it gave us the most excitement to watch. His effortless roar shook the ground and didn't seem real because it sounded as if there were hidden speakers somewhere and he barely opened his mouth.

His friends left and we stayed behind to ride the camel. There was no way I was leaving that place without getting my son on a camel. That reminds me of Africa. I waited in line for an hour and ended up climbing the camel's hump myself. I paid for a picture and was pleased.

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After our Zoo outing, Cuddle Bug was hungry again. So, I took him to a nearby restaurant. We were about an hour away from home and my phone was low on energy so I plugged it into the only outlet in the restaurant. It was all the way on the other side of the room and as you guys should know by now, I like to be isolated. I left it there and sat down with my son while he ate. A man came in and sat at a table near my phone. He was looking suspicious so my son and I watched him from across the room as we sipped our drinks and laughed about it. The man slyly looked around to see if anyone was watching. Then he made his move. He swiftly swiped my phone and put it in his pocket and took a quick drink from his cup. Then he tried to put the charger in there as well.

That's when I got up from my table and yelled across the room. "Put my shit back!" It was no longer a laughing matter. I quickly walked over to where he was before he could even get my phone out of his pocket. I stood over him, threatening him with my finger in his face. I was already stressed I was looking for a fight and he gave me a reason. He began speaking in Spanish as if I wouldn't understand. I understood every single word. He was saying that he thought the person had left. I told him that was bullshit because my son and I was watching him the entire time.

Speaking of my son, at that moment, I looked over to see where my son was and he was still sitting at the table watching, laughing, and sipping his drink. Lol. He is too funny. I turned my attention back to the man and was tempted to hit him. I kept telling him off. One thing I don't take to lightly is anyone stealing from me. I work too hard and came from nothing to have someone take from me. I poked him right between the eyes with my index fingernail because he wasn't moving fast enough. I wanted to fight!

I told him he needs to get the hell out of that place and walk with his head down because he should be ashamed. He did just that. He put his head down and made his way to the door. But not before passing my son't table. As he passed my son said, "Yeah! Get outta here you schmuck!"

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That was my face when I heard him say that! Lol. Oh my Buddha! I couldn't stop laughing once I remembered where he got that word from. A few weeks ago, we were standing in the line at Dairy Queen (ice cream shop) next to three old men (in their late 60's or early 70's) who looked like brothers. One of them sneezed on the other and the guy tore him a new one. Called him a "filthy schmuck!" Lol! That made my day because you rarely hear people use that word.

My friend texted me and asked me if he could come over but I denied him. I can't deal with the excess drama of a deranged lunatic in my presence who needs more attention than I care to give at the moment. He's already complaining that I don't do all these random things. While I'm just over here thinking that they sound like "girlfriend duties." And the last time I checked, I was no one's girlfriend and I plan on keeping it that way. Nope! So he has to stay his ass home tonight.

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I stayed up a little late to check my Cuddle Bug's Spring Break homework packet. I wanted to make sure everything was complete and correct before he turned it in tomorrow. He was half asleep while we looked it over but wasn't too tire to tell me he appreciated me for doing so. He said if it wasn't for me he would have gotten three wrong. He gave me a weak hug and kiss and went to bed.

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