Monday, March 28, 2016

Day 128 - Saturday, March 26, 2016

"Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life."

My direct deposit hit my account so the first thing I did this morning was get up and pay the bills. There was almost nothing left by the time it was over but at least the top priorities were taken care of. 

After the bills were paid, I took my son to get a haircut and I got my eyebrows arched. Every time my son gets this particular style refreshed, it forces me to realize how much he is growing up to be a handsome and loving young man. I love him.

The friend who I let spend the night with me the other day has really been acting up lately. We got into a pretty heated argument via text because I doubt he would be brave enough to say the things he said over the phone or face to face. I'm not trying to be funny, but I strongly believe that a lot of men of this generation has serious mental issues. Is it because of the food like Dr. Sebi says? Or are they crack babies? I don't know but they are really running rampant. You have to pay close attention and do not dismiss your suspicions in order to catch it. I even believe that Anthony has mental issues. He is a crack baby or some sort of drug.

Well, my friend was carrying on and talking about how he has problems and no one is there for him and all of this other garbage. I reminded him that he never disclosed what the issue was so I assumed it was nothing serious or he just wasn't ready to talk. I still messaged him every few hours to check on him and told him if he needed anything to let me know.

This bitch is crazy! Yes, he is! And I have to say it that way for you to get the picture. He has some deep-rooted issues of self-esteem and self-love that have absolutely nothing to do with me. He was a troubled team and now he's a more disguised troubled adult. I mean, he is ugly, but that doesn't matter to real people such as myself. Besides, I'm not trying to be with him. But he's the type of person who gets mad at everyone else because of the way he looks instead of embracing it and working on the thing he can control, his character.

He blamed me for not being there for him and said I always put him down. He said that he always helps me and take the time to listen to my problems. Bullshit! I had to let him know that he doesn't even know my problems! The only thing I ever told him was that I have trouble sleeping and I have nightmares. Now, if he thinks those are my problems he is a damn fool. And I never put him down. I always call him a king. When I asked him how I out him down he said that I told him he doesn't love himself. 

Once again, that was bullshit. I told him, as I tell everyone, including myself, "you need to love yourself more." I always preach self-love. That's the key to everything. I even told him many times that everyday I work hard at loving myself more. If he loved himself more he wouldn't be blaming outside sources for everything that goes wrong in his life. He said how do I know he wasn't suicidal. I said I don't know because you never expressed those things. I said my babysitting days are over. I'm not begging anyone to tell me shit. I'm not digging into anyone else's problems if they don't freely tell me because I am nose deep in my own. Yes, I am always willing and available to help. I am just no longer interested in digging to find out. So, I ended the conversation by telling him I love him but he needs to fuck off! I didn't respond any further. I have my own problems.

So, after a day of throwing my hard earned money into the filthy paws of bill collectors I decided to do something I hadn't done in a while. Walk on the beach with my cuddle bug. I took my meds and loaded up the car and headed to the beach around 8:00 pm. He brought his toy Swiss army knife and a book. I brought a huge quilt and a REAL knife just in case anything happened.

We walked the shores for an hour or so as I watched my son run free. That is how I love to see him. In his natural state with no boundaries just exploring God's land. That is why it is my dream to live in the woods or somewhere like Dr. Sebi. I want to be free with nature. You can keep the cars and fancy clothes. I don't need it. I don't want to work until I am of age to retire. I just want to be free and live off of my own land.

After our walk, we found a large stack of beach chairs that the city ties down and night and are available for rental in the morning. Cuddle Bug and I climbed the stack and cuddled close under the blanket. I laid my head on his shoulder as he read his book to me and I drifted in and out of sleep. When I woke up, I took my phone out so we could watch "Jungle Book" on Netflix together. I used to read and watch Jungle Book as a child. The new version was pretty good also.

We left the beach around four in the morning and my son said he had a great time. We definitely have to do that more often.



I have come across a lot of information concerning whether or not HIV is related to AIDS. Or whether or not it is a scam, etc. as pointed out to me by one of my readers. So, I finally got around to looking into it. The link that got my attention the most was the link on Facebook that I am about to share below. It basically says HIV/AIDS is a hoax. Malnutrition and AntiRetroViral medications are what kill you. 

This caught my attention because I never started feeling badly until I began the medication. Also, the article states that the medication weakens your immune system by making your body dependent on the drugs instead of its own power. That also explains why they say you can NEVER stop taking the meds. That makes a lot of sense to me. So, I have decided to discontinue the meds after my next appointment because I don't want my body to be dependent on anything outside of itself. This shit is so scary man. Words can't begin to explain...

Here is the link and snapshot of the post:

There are several other sources to look into concerning this matter. As for me, at this very moment, I have made up my mind to quit while I am just in the beginning stages. I would really like to hear back from my readers who are currently on medication or have been on medication concerning this issue. What do you think after reading this? Please advise.


This article speaks against the belief that HIV is a hoax. It basically says that denying the existence of HIV has caused millions of deaths and will continue to do so if people don't start accepting its reality.

This article basically states that AIDS propagandists cannot tolerate anyone questioning their "scientific" theories. They're not exactly scientific if they can't stand up to a little questioning, are they? It also talks about the fact that HIV testing is unreliable and gives out false results all the time. It emphasizes the fact that the Western Blot diagnostic test isn't worth a fart.

This article basically claims that they have cured HIV/AIDS in Barcelona, Spain by way of blood transplant of HIV resistant individuals.

Watch these when you get a free moment.



  1. Xoxoxoxo i feel this Queen Ive neen right where you are. You know how the poisoned the water in Flint. We are being poisoned as well maybe we should go confront them as to why the cure is patented and we cant recieve it.... Whatever decision you make im your friend and always here for you. Xoxoxoxo

    1. Thanks sis. And I was referring to discontinuing the antiretroviral drugs and depending on Dr. Sebi's compounds and nutrition alone.

  2. Hey queen, this type of decision is not easy and please don't play on this. You have lovely son so your existence is not only for you but also for your son. I know Dr. Sebi products are great /according to some of the testimonials/. Whatever conspiracy theory come up. HIV medication saves a lot of lives/fact/. No one denied their side effects even the manufacturers boldly underlined these medications have side effects but I personally don’t advise discontinuing medications. I advise you take dr. sebi products together with HIV medications for some time until you feel so good and strong then you will discontinue the HIV medications latter because if dr sebi medication work well then it will cure you regardless of HIV medications. ***Sol

    1. Good morning and thank you.

      No, it definitely is NOT easy, but to be honest, I didn't start feeling badly, weak, or sick until I BEGAN taking the medications. I felt strong and healthy up until I popped the first pill. It had been down hill since then. I guess I am just really afraid of allowing these acidic medications to ruin my immune system to the point of no return. Think about it, why is it that the meds can get you all the way to undetectable status so quickly, yet they don't consider a cure and you have to take the pills for a lifetime? I assume it is because the pills are a replacement for your immune system. They shut it down and take over. I am not rich, nor am I stable. If I were to ever lose my job or the health benefits tied into it I will be as good as dead because I can't afford to pay $3,000 per month for these antiretroviral meds. And by that time, my body will be fully dependent on them as a source of immunity. That is when death sets in. Dr. Sebi's products fight acid and mucous in the body. The HIV meds are acidic. So, it's very confusing, contradictory, and scary. I'm sure that once I stop taking the meds I will feel better. I will just have to discipline myself to eat right and take Sebi's compounds. I strongly believe in it again. I doubted it at one point but I read his book and I know my healing is in my hand now. If ever I am unable to afford the compounds from Dr. Sebi, I will just follow the Nutritional Guide until further notice.

      I don't know why, but I am almost positive that I will be negative not too long from now. Lol.

      I truly appreciate your feedback. You gave me a lot to consider. Please, continue to write me.


    2. But, should it not work, I am not too proud to go back to the medications. I just feel that I have to try something else first.