Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Day 117 - Tuesday, March 15, 2016

"I see it, I want it...I dream it. I work hard. I grind 'til I own it!"

I woke up this morning and jumped into my Dr. Sebi routine. I took an old pill bottle of his and put all of my morning herb capsules into it. Then I drank my bitter tonics. I put the capsule bottle into my purse because I can take them later when I get to work because I was already running late. In the meantime, I had water boiling on the stove for my Bromide Plus smoothie. I followed he directions on the label and used a burro banana and soursop as my fruits of choice to add to the mixture.

When I turned the NutriBullet on it clunked out after about 80 seconds. I slapped my forehead because I knew better. I should have followed my gut instinct. I never run my NutriBullet over a minute at a time and I only bought it a few months ago so it was practically new. But the directions said to blend it for three to four minutes. I should have done so in intervals. Those machines are not cheap. I unplugged it for a few minutes. Then plugged it back in to see if it would work. But it didn't. I crossed my fingers and said that I would give it some time to cool off and hopefully it would work again. 

Fortunately, the shake was pretty much mixed well by then. I grabbed it and walked out of the door on my way to work a little near an hour late. The bills finally started to catch up with me. I received a message looking for their money. I already know they were supposed to be paid on the first, but I was just trying to hold out a little longer on dishing out that $761.00. Welp! They got me! I'll have to stop by later and get a money order. *sigh*

My Bestie at work saw me with my Bromide Plus smoothie and wanted a sample. She's interested in losing weight. She asked what was in it and I told her bladderwrack and seamoss. She said she had never heard of bladderwrack before. So, I Googled it on the computer for her to let her read the health benefits. After seeing what it was good for she wanted some. She helped herself to two cups of it, back to back. It usually takes me all day to finish half of my bromide smoothie. She really wants to lose weight I guess. So, I drank my serving fast too. It was kind of cool having someone to share my smoothie with. It made it fun to drink it.

Not too long after, her walking became stiff. She needed to take an emergency shadoobie. And it kept coming. That was funny to watch. I was already used to it. She kept having to go throughout the day.

I got a lot done in the office today and made my boss proud. I had been slacking off lately. I needed to show him that I still got it and was not taking advantage of him. I left work and headed home. My neighbor saw me pull into my driveway and said, "yo!"

I kept walking because I don't answer to "yo". I keep telling him that. So, when he forgets, I ignore him. Then he said, "excuse me?" That's when I turned around and acknowledged him. He's a nice guy but disrespect will not be tolerated, even if it was unintentional.

He told me he hired someone to cut and clean my yard and that they would be coming by tomorrow. I smiled. Then he said, "you are so lovely." My face immediately went back straight and got serious.

I said, "You already know I am not 'lovely'."

He said, "Well I know you have sides to you. You can tear a person's head off if they're not right to you or disrespect you. But I just love the way you carry yourself. You work hard. You're good with your son. You dress nice. You're independent and I see you going to the gym a lot. I just meant that you look lovely in that dress and it's good to see you smile for once."

I said, "oh," Then I smiled again and told him thank you before I walked into the house. I was in a rush because I had to get my son ready for basketball practice.

I'm finally getting some "un-taxed" help. He knows he will get nothing in return but that thank you I gave him. I have told him that several times that I would NEVER date him. I'm starting to see that more is understood when less is said.

Immediately after basketball practice, we came home and I fell asleep on the couch. I laid there for hours until I woke up to tell my son to go to bed. The meds are killing me. And I am always cold since I started taking them.

Now, I will share some excerpts from Dr. Sebi's book. This book was published in 2010 so some of the foods listed are no longer suggested by Dr. Sebi:

(Pg. 55) 
They come here with Kaposi's sarcoma. That's the last stage of AIDS, when the sores are on your skin, breaking down your first defense, your skin. They go into the thermal bats and in four days the sores have disappeared as if they were never there,

A man came here from Argentina with lung cancer. But instead of him going in the bath water, I put him in the sauna where he is now going to inhale the waters and vapors into his lungs. In two months his lung cancer disappeared completely.

the high concentration of sulfur, phosphorous and iron. Sulfur is the main ingredient in thermal waters.

The cells of the lungs are made of sulfur. Like the bones are made of calcium. The blood is iron.

(Pg. 56)
Any substance that has such a high concentration of hydrogen, iron concentration, it is effective in healing because it is oxygen that heals.

(Pg. 57)
self-confidence, inner strength trumps education.

(Pg. 58)
It comes from us but we are not trusting in ourselves,

consciousness plays a role in good health as much as diet

a toxic body hampers clear thinking

as soon as we abstain from the things that interfere with the hypothalamus gland, there's clarity.

(Pg. 64)
It requires a level of understanding. When a child is at inception, the first thing that takes place is that they remove the child from his original thinking to that of a school. Once entering the school, yes, he would learn the mechanical way of life. But he would disconnect from the cosmic way of life.

wheat is unnatural. Why? Because it contains starch. Everything that was made by man has to contain starch as a binder. But starch is carbonic acid.

(Pg. 65)
starch-based foods affect the body's cells and immune system over time.

formal education...the main roadblock to proper food consumption.

(Pg. 69)
There isn't one Black American that could stand up and say I know the food of my fathers. There isn't one Black Honduran or Caribbean or African that knows the food of their fathers. I concluded that it wasn't a thing that you cooked because they didn't have fire.

The elephant doesn't need anything hot. He doesn't roast his food but lives 400 years -- in the forest that is -- not the zoo. So we must have eaten the same things that were in our environment. Well, I didn't know the leaves but I do know this -- that the plants that are natural, their roots contain energy and that is exactly what I use to reverse disease.

(Pg. 77)
Chickpeas, natural, flavorful, and high in calcium and iron

(Pg. 78)
So yes, we are able to reduce disease to its least common denominator.

Why it escaped so many of us rolled around in my mind, that simple equation of starch and acid lead to mucous, mucous leads to health problems.

He stressed diet change is crucial on the road to healing.

That's the most necessary and drinking the compounds. The compounds are phosphates. They are carbonates. They are iodides and they are bromides. What do I mean? They fall into the categories of food and vitalizers.

(Pg. 79)
Dr. Edwards Shook
Paavo Airola

"I went to a doctor in London and he explained to me that I had to totally detox the body to get rid of this pneumonia, bronchial problem...And once I did all of that my palate actually changed. So I eat a bit cleaner."
-Tina Turner

(Pg. 83)
Dr. Sebi drinks Fiji spring water.



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