Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Day 116 - Monday, March 14, 2016

I Am Superwoman!

Yes I Am!


Questions, questions, questions. So many questions when it comes to this man and his work. Even his believers, such as myself, have an abundance of unanswered questions. Yet, we still follow. Why? Because within him lies hope...

Why do we doubt him while we so clearly study his every move? But are we watching to understand or to question? I ask that not only to you, but to myself. It's time to be real about the situation. We question him because we are afraid of false hope. But we follow him because we are in dire need of that very same hope.

Alfredo Bowman a.k.a. Dr. Sebi is well in his 80's with children under 8 years of age, no glasses, strong knees and bones, and overall excellent health. He is no longer impotent, blind, obese, diabetic or schizophrenic. All of these things have been cured by way of herbs which first started out in Mexico. It is obvious that his methods are tried and true. They have definitely worked for him. Why is it so hard to trust him?

I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that he cures diabetes. I even believe that he cures cancer and depression. But when it comes to HIV/AIDS, why is there a slight pause in my belief. Maybe because that is my illness. Maybe because I am afraid to believe in anything which benefits me because everything I have ever believed in has failed me and/or let me down. This causes me to pay more attention to the holes in his possible treatment than his proof. I seem to dig deeper. Like for example, I need a little help from my readers on this one. When you take an HIV test while you are undetectable, does it come out negative? I ask you this because I noticed in the new book of Dr. Sebi that I just skimmed through it contains the diagnostic sheets of the patients he cured of AIDS (I will post the sheets in future posts.) that they only show "Positive" or "Negative" in the results section. There is no cell count or viral load. Am I digging?

It doesn't matter because I still believe in him. That was just a question that arose while skimming through the pages. I also realized that the Supreme Court case that he won only proved that he was NOT PRACTICING MEDICINE WITHOUT A LICENSE. But on the other hand, there were 70 plus people who came to testify that he healed them. So, it's give and take. The news clip is below.

One of my readers gave me the link to his wife's web site where she also practices herbal healing. I am familiar with her through my studies of Dr. Sebi. In his early lecture videos he always speaks of his wife going out to cure people on her own and helping him to make the compounds and start the business. So, I trust her work as well. My only concern is, why isn't she even half as known as Dr. Sebi. The site also states that we should stay away from nuts, legumes, and grains, even though they are on the Nutritional Guide. It states that they are not electric and are just the best of the worst.

Either way, a lady named Michelle from Divine Wiz did a review on Dr. Sebi's wife's products at The Fig Tree. I was able to leave her a message and get a response concerning the healing of AIDS. Her name is Maa. She said she has received testimony of clients curing themselves of AIDS using the products. I guess The Fig Tree is another option for obtaining herbs. Her location is definitely closer to me than Los Angeles. I included our messages below. I'll have to look into these things later.

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Anthony's cousin called me this morning. Wow! Right out of the blue, just when I was getting him and everything associated with him out of my system. He called to check on me. We haven't talked in a little over a month. We used to talk at least twice a week since the break up. He was one of the only one of Anthony's family members who believed me when I told them what happened, and he stood by my side in the beginning stages until I had to force my self to pull away from him. He is no longer my family. I told him that his loyalty should be with Anthony. He told me that what Anthony did to me was wrong and he doesn't support that. Either way, I cut him off because talking to him made me feel as if I still had ties with Anthony. And I definitely didn't want to run into him at his house. I might have a break down. That's why I stopped talking to him.

I remember when I went to his house crying my eyes out with the HIV positive test results I had just received. He immediately contacted Anthony and had a serious conversation with him while he rubbed my back to console me. He told me Anthony was being a coward and didn't want to talk about it. He told me I was strong and beautiful and my life isn't over. Then he revealed that his mother died of AIDS when he was a child and I cried more. 

After that day, he would always call to check on me and my Cuddle Bug and offer to take us out to eat and things of that nature. He knows I love kids so one day I picked up his two daughters and his girlfriend's daughter and took them out with me all day to have fun along with my son. It made me feel normal again. Like I didn't have a disgusting disease that everyone was afraid of. He trusted me with his kids after all that happened.

So, I spoke with him for a while. He asked me the usual questions like how is my health, myself, and my son. He brought me up to date on himself and we ended the conversation thankfully without bringing Anthony up.

FROM DR. SEBI'S BOOK (Sojourn to Honduras, Sojourn to Healing)

The book states that Dr. Sebi drinks Fiji water. I will have a lot more from his book when I can conjure up enough energy to write.


I will begin taking Dr. Sebi's herbs again tomorrow. Wish me luck! I am back on the horse. His products stay in the system for 14 days after you stop taking them anyway.

My Cuddle Bug is becoming a real bookworm like his mommy. Every time we go into a store he won't let me leave without buying him a new novel to read. And he runs right through them in as little as two days. That makes me proud.

I'm just going to keep pushing and let the doctor be the judge.

I went to the gym after work. It was hard to push myself to get up because my body was so weak and was in dire need of rest. But I workout enough to know that exercising produces energy where there seems to be none. My legs quivered as I climbed into my tights, lifting my legs have become a chore. But I managed to get dressed and dragged my butt to the gym with my Cuddle Bug right behind me. He played pool by himself while I ran on the treadmill. Then I took a break and checked him into the kid center and returned to the gym.

My energy level was a bit higher today. I listened to Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz as my workout song this evening. Cuddle Bug and I love that song. It was such an inspiration. I was almost able to run a complete mile again without stopping. I'm almost back to my old stamina. I'm going to keep pushing. Once, I got tired, I walked for a bit, then ran some more. I had to get in as many miles as I could. I was dripping with sweat and teary-eyed because it was hard. One of the things I once loved so much is now hard.

But I didn't cry. I kept going. Kept pushing. Once, I was finished on the treadmill, I went to do abs. The Genvoya is forming belly fat and I can't have that.


I didn't just get close to my son when I got sick. We've had a close bond since before he took his first breath of air. I used to read to him while he was in my stomach and watch Curious George near the TV so that he could hear him and the man in the yellow hat.

I'm one of those mothers who sit by their child's bedside to watch them sleep. To watch my son's chest slowly rise and fall to make sure he is still breathing and everything is copesthetic. I am that mother who tries to guess what my son is dreaming about by the look of contentment on his face. Sometimes when he snores too hard or seems to have trouble breathing, I begin to sing. And almost immediately, his breathing quiets and he calms as if he's listening. 

I still do these things now and he's eight years old. The songs have changed over the years, but even tonight, as I write my blog with him sprawled across my thighs sleeping, I am singing one of my favorite songs as he begins to settle, Superhuman by Chris Brown & Keri Hilson.

My Cuddle Bug gave me life. Yes, it got harder when he was born, but it became meaningful. I have purpose now. Before he came along, I was living a J.B. life. Just because...

I went to school just because I was supposed to. I didn't do drugs or drink alcohol just because I wasn't supposed to and it was bad for you. I made excellent grades just because it was expected of me. I played sports just because I was tall. I played volleyball just because the coach asked me to and basketball season was over. I went to college just because that's what you're supposed to do after high school. I got a job just because I had to eat. And then he came...

Cuddle Bug


  1. Hey, I cant read the message between you and the fig tree? What information did you get from her? I'm thinking I might want to try her products before dealing with the unprofessionalism of sebi due to who he left in charge, i plan on getting his book though, it seems you got a lot of great info from it

    1. Are you viewing the blog from a cell phone or mobile device? That may be the problem. But I will post the message contents below:

      Selah: I have recently been taking Dr. Sebi's therapeutic packages for HIV. I am currently on my second one. Does your products cure HIV as well? I saw that you stated the clients cured themselves using the compounds. Have they actually been cured? I'm not second guessing you or doubting your products. I just need a push of hope in the right direction. Something tangible because your office is closer to me than Dr. Sebi.

      Michelle Crowe: Thank you for your visit. I do not have products. The products which I have referred to in the post are from The Fig Tree.

      As you may have already read. I had received testimony from their former HIV clients. I am certain that Dr. Sebi’s products are great. However, if you would like more info on The Fig Tree, call their office: 800-998-5909. In my experience, you have to follow a strict diet while taking the herbs. Hopefully, someone in Dr. Sebi’s office has created a plan for you.

      Best wishes…

    2. Yeah, the unprofessionalism at Dr. Sebi's office can be overwhelming and discouraging at times. You have to pray to get one of the good associates to help you.

      Let me know how it goes.

      -Queen Selah

  2. Thank you sister, and have you thought of taking olive extract and oregano oil to reverse your hiv? its less expensive and less taxing then the sebi packagee, you still have to be on a raw food diet though, but you take the olive leaf extract and oregano oil for a whole month and then stop taking it and drink spirulina for another month, people have claimed to be cured of herpes and hiv, just something you many wanna look into. Blessing queen I prayed for you, you will be healed.

    1. Quite a few people have told me about the oregano oil. Dr. Sebi is against spirulina. My mind has been all over the place trying to get through these treatments, go to work, write this blog, and take care of my son, that I can't seem to find a moment to sit and think.

      Thank you so much. I will definitely look into picking some up the next time I go to Whole Foods.

      And thank you for praying for me. I appreciate you.

      -Queen Selah

  3. 3:45 Post is what I am going to try I didn't repurchase herbs I already used 3 packages from sebi. I will start the Oil of oregano and Olive leaf extract I've heard that before. Queen im thankful for you and that specific post. I ALSO USE,sparulina in smoothies. JUST ANOTHER SUGGESTION ill keep u posted on the outcome. Also Queen when you
    Retest go anonymous some where else. I asked the office this Q. If you can't advise people not to take western meds how will we know your Theraputic packages work? Im still waiting on the answer 3 packages later and i dodnt pay 1500.00. Ijs moneymakers make money fig tree wants money too nobody is healing for free. You spend just as much on these herbs as you do for the death trap meds. What you think? Xoxoxoxo

    1. Has your health improved after the tree packages? Are you on prescribed medication as well?

      That's a very good question. I don't even waste my time asking the office certain things for various reasons. For one, they are not at liberty to disclose certain information as they are United States bound and it is against the law to make such statements and suggestions as to discontinue use of prescription medicine. That is part of the reason Dr. Sebi was arrested and tried in the Supreme Court. They are just trying to avoid dealing with those issues again. Anyone of us calling could be a set up. Undercover FBI agents tried to consult with Dr. Sebi and his office after that case in an effort to entrap him in administering medical counsel and he is NOT a licensed doctor.

      However, if you ask them another way, you will get the answer you need. For example, I asked them if the package would still work for me and I haven't been prescribed any ART medication or any medicine at all. And they said yes. Their products work alone. They were able to tell me that because at the time, I was not on any medication. So they were not stopping me from following doctor's orders.

      Certain questions have to be asked of Dr. Sebi in person. Not his staff. And not over the phone. They have to protect themselves too you know.

      My advice concerning this is you just have to choose to believe or not believe. But straddling the fence will drive you crazy. I went through the same issues of doubt until I started reading his books and remembered why I came to him in the first place. I BELIEVE.

      So, if you're going to do oregano and olive oil. Just choose to stick to those and BELIEVE. If you choose to continue with Dr. Sebi, choose to stick to it faithfully and BELIEVE. If you're going to do the ART medicine, just BELIEVE. If you are going to follow the Nutritional Guide, you may mess up every now and then, but just choose to BELIEVE. Believing frees the mind. Just make sure you do your RESEARCH on all of these things before choosing to dedicate yourself to it. That's how you set the foundation to BELIEVE.

      Nobody is healing for free because it costs money to keep up the production and shipment of those herbs. I even WISH I could heal for free. But I can't afford all of the products on my own to distribute to those in need. So what do I do instead? I do what Dr. Sebi does. I share information at ABSOLUTELY NO COST AT ALL! That's all I can do for now until I can form an organization or raise funds.

      I BELIEVE in you.

      Queen Selah

      P.S. - And I do plan on going somewhere else to be retested next time. WHEN it comes out NEGATIVE, I will retest again under my name. I BELIEVE.