Thursday, March 10, 2016

Day 112 - Thursday, March 10, 2016

"Seek to be knowing rather than be well known."
Last Night's Recap

I had an issue with my son not doing his work in class yesterday. The teacher said he just sits at his desk, staring off into space for the two days in a row and that is not like him. I was frustrated. I always pick him up from school and take him to work with me. When we got back to work, two of the guys gathered around and started to have a heartfelt conversation with him. One of the men became teary-eyed talking with him because he said he really loves my son. That made me emotional because I was unaware of this. I just thought they spoke every now and then to be polite. So, of course, I cried too. These guys wanted nothing from me in return. They were genuinely concerned about the well-being of my son and I.

After work, I gathered up all of the white clothes and placed them into a laundry bag. I charged my son's cell phone and dropped him off to the laundry mat. I was too tired to rush and get the laundry done before his practice in an hour, but he needed clean uniforms. I showed him how to wash the clothes and load the machine and dryer. It was only one load. I handed him a pouch full of quarters and a book to read, then left. I am too tired and weak. So, if he wants to mess around in school, he can learn to wash his own clothes.

I picked him up a little while later and he had everything already loaded back in the bag. Impressive! As soon as we arrived home, he dressed in his clean, white uniform, tied up his belt, and waited for me by the car. I dragged myself out the door and took my son to karate practice. I was not being loving towards him today. I was stern and it made a difference. He hates to disappoint me. The sensai made him the leader of the class today and I was very pleased with the way he handled himself with poise, discipline, and focus. Maybe I need to be stern with him more often.


There is a group of three young men whom my son admires that attend VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University). They are all majoring in medical degrees and made a video in their dorm room about their ambitions. They were well-dressed in suits and business attire as they gave a brief free-style about their educational ventures. It was such a positive message without cursing that I had to show my son. As a result, my son decided to grow his hair out like one of the young college students in the video. These young gentlemen are the force behind the Black Excellence movement. One of them reached out to me and offered to mentor my son.

How amazing?! Social media and the internet can really work wonders sometimes I guess. I know the young man means well, but pursuing a medical degree and a movement is very time consuming. So, I doubt he will be able to reach out to my son as often as he would like to. Being a college student is very time consuming. I remember when I attended my university, studying took up a lot of my time. But even one conversation with him would truly be a blessing. It would make my son feel important and hopeful. Hopeful that he can be greater than what he sees in front of him every day. Hopeful that smart work (not hard work) dedication, and focus can pay off. And joyful because someone he looks up to reached out to him. I am looking forward to what could become of this.
"I only hold people to their words, not my expectations of them."
-Queen Selah


I have been reading through Dr. Sebi's book and it really picks up after Chapter 4. I will be sharing brief excerpts from it in the near future. I have been highlighting the interesting parts. They things Dr. Sebi says about starch are real eye openers. Every time I read, it makes it that much easier to stay disciplined with my eating. However, I still find it odd that no one will, or has, came out to speak of being cured of HIV/AIDS by Dr. Sebi. That is mind-boggling. Truly, that is the only thing that causes me to question his credibility with healing this disease. However, if this is true, and it is possible, then maybe I will be the first. If I am cured, I will release all medical records on this blog and will not be afraid to tell anyone Dr. Sebi did it.

It would just be so much easier for me to accomplish if I knew of anyone before me who has personally been cured from this disease by way of Sebi. That would fuel my hope to higher levels. But in the meantime, I will continue to tread on.

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 Yesterday, I ate watermelon and cantaloupe with applesauce and drank a gallon of water.

Today, I packed my lunch for work. I made a salad with kale, green olives, red, green, and yellow bell peppers and avocados. The olives really woke up the salad. I sprinkled a little olive oil and sea salt on top, placed some tamarind in a ziploc bag for a sweet snack, and brought a cup of applesauce to get the bowels moving. It was a very filling meal, as I was only able to finish half of it, and the avocados seemed to take the place of meat.

Side Effects

I have been extremely weak. I can barely walk at times. My eyes are heavy and sensitive to air. I get cold very easily. I also have a very hard time sleeping. I fall asleep around two or three in the morning almost every night since I have been taking Genvoya. And I only get about three hours of sleep nightly. I awaken to constant bowel movements, about 4 - 6, before I leave the house to go to work. I think that is the effects of Dr. Sebi's Chelation and other products.

Random Thoughts...
I wonder if I will have to go to the USHA Village to be completely cured...

Dr. Sebi wanted to sell the USHA Village in 2005 (or 2008, I'm not sure. I have to check back in the book) and that's probably why his practice has been plummeting in credibility lately. He no longer runs it. It is in the hands of his daughters because he wanted to retire. I wish he could have personally treated me but I understand he wants to relax. But if push comes to shove, I will save my money and go to Honduras, to his village in order to be cured fully. I refuse to take these medications and feel sick for the rest of my life.

I wonder what my results will show at my next visit. I am almost 10% sure there will be a great improvement because I have been using Sebi's treatment, Genvoya, and eating right.

I wonder what will happen if I am cured. What will become of me? What will it all mean?

Sometimes, I stop and think what the hell am I doing? Is it dangerous for me to be writing this blog? Will someone try to track me down? I am divulging too much information?

What EXACTLY would be considered a CURE? What are the speculations? Because medical doctors claim one can NOT be cured of HIV/AIDS. Which is crazy to me because, these doctors are the same ones who say you can come back undetectable within weeks of using their medication. I even have a few readers who are currently undetectable. According to the Huffington Post, there is a 96% chance of not transmitting the virus to your partner if you are undetectable. That's almost the same percentage of safety when using a condom. If you are undetectable, what constitutes being cured? I have even heard stories of people having a 0 viral load. If there is NO viral load, then there is nothing to multiply within your body. So, why is it not permitted to claim a negative status? Because of the comfort of others? According to this article, undetectable means the virus is not showing up on blood tests. If it's not showing up, doesn't that count as a negative result? Because if you never received a positive test result before, then received one where nothing was showing up, they would consider that negative, right? I'm just asking because I want to be certain I am cured once I am cured without having to jump through all of these terminology hoops.

Huffington Post Article About What It Means to Be Undetected

I was reading this article and ran across a very interesting term, "elite controllers." Have you guys heard of this? Seems like a well kept secret to me. So, I looked it up. An elite controller is a person who remains undetectable without taking medication. They claim only 1 in 300 people can do this. Well consider me that one. I now see the light.

I am still researching these elite controllers. According to the Oxford Journals, they have done a study on these people. It is a pretty long article with a lot of scientific words that I need to research further, but I have added the link so we can all learn together. I read almost half of it but it is time for me to leave work and you already know how my life is set up. I'll be running around with my son for basketball practice after this. But I am very interested in what this article has to say. There is hope for the Sebians yet! These doctors just don't like to use the term "cured" because it means less money for their pharmaceutical corporations.

Here is a blog written by an elite controller. In just a few, easy to understand paragraphs, he breaks down what it means and how he feels to be one. This is a definitely a must read. And make sure you read the comments section at the bottom. There are many more like him searching for each other because doctors and scientist do not know much about them at this point.

So, medical researchers acknowledge that it is possible to prevent the disease from replicating without ART medication. There is even proof that the doctors told him NOT to take the medication because he definitely didn't need it. I have included several links concerning this below.

NAM Aids Map



HIV Equal


Michael Palm
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  1. Xoxoxoxo see you helped me I had never heard of such a thing Love you Queen hang in there have a blessed prosperous day and make sure you are eating Walnuts Pine nuts Hemp milk for your energy.....

    1. Thank you. I will make sure to incorporate these energy boosters into my diet. And I am glad I was able to enlighten you on some things as well. I learned a lot on this day as well. I can only imagine how much more there is to discover concerning this so-called incurable disease.

  2. Lmao Right the devil is a liar. Terminalia Chebula Cures many diseases it says HIV AIDS IS ON THE LIST SO is many others ....check it out xoxoxoxo

    1. Hey, I just briefly researched the terminalia Chebula and was shocked to see that it popped up on WebMD. That is a very reputable sight. It shows the treatment of HIV as one of the uses of the herb. I will look more into it shortly and share my findings with my readers. Thanks sis.


  3. I know I am very very late but I just started reading your blog yesterday. I found it as I was researching Dr. Sebi and have not been able to turn away from the computer screen. You are a true inspiration and are giving me the push I need to fully commit to the Sebi Nutritional Guide. I have followed it now for four days but before that I have been a Vegan for 9 months. I want to jump to the last blog posted but I won't I will continue to follow your journey. This post grabbed me because I work at VCU in the Massie Cancer Center. I have taken my health much more serious since working here. Keep pushing and fighting...I believe you will be cured!! Blessings Queen.

    1. Wow! Reading this comment really put a smile on my face. There is something about the appreciation of the time I take to put into my writing that really warms my heart. Thank you for taking your time to comment.

      Peace and love,

      -Queen Selah