Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Day 110 - Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"Strength doesn't come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things you once thought you couldn't."
-Rikki Rogers

No amount of denial can get me through the affects of this medicine (Genvoya) that I am feeling right now. My stomach is doing flips. My limbs are weak. My eyeballs feel super sensitive. I am constantly in excruciating pain. I should have never taken the medication. I should have remained patient because ever since I have been taking the pills, it is now evident that I am sick. My denial bubble has been popped. Every waking moment of every day is now spent thinking about the fact that I have this fatal disease. Why? Because I feel death in my bones now because of that damn acidic medicine.

I am fighting for my life. It's not so scary to have HIV/AIDS. It's scarier going through the process of treating it. Dr. Sebi must have the cure. Because I couldn't possibly see myself going through this pain for the rest of my life. If I can make it through this and be cured, I will do everything in my power to help those who are currently fighting this disease using western medicine. That is no way to live.

I mean, what is it about the medicine anyway? Why are people so adamant about taking it? Proof! That's what it is. That has to be the only reason people would want to use such a horrid item. These meds have been proven to bring HIV/AIDS patients to undetectable status. So people become desperate to have better numbers. I, too, have fallen victim to this desire and am now paying dearly for it. I have to be the one to be cured from Dr. Sebi's products so that people will get off of that poison. Or maybe it is because medical insurance covers those prescriptions and not holistic herbs such as Dr. Sebi is using.

I have been taking Dr. Sebi's treatment as well and eating according to the Nutritional Guide. Yesterday I had a gallon of water, applesauce, and stir fried kale and mushrooms with green banana for dinner. Dr. Sebi's tonics are extremely bitter. So, I suggest you just swallow them straight. Try not to let it tough your tongue. I'm cringing at the thought of it. But I can't afford to gag. They cost too much to waste. I ate applesauce, strawberry banana smoothie, and a salad today. Mind over matter. I have to beat this thing.

The meds have been making me constipated up until this morning. Constipation is a myth on Dr. Sebi's regimen. All poop flows freely with him. So, now that I am back on his regimen, it cleared up. I can't wait to hurry and go to the doctor to I can see if I am undetectable so I can discontinue this acidic poison (Genvoya). I will be fully Sebi after my next visit. That is my plan at this moment. I just needed a boost in my numbers. So my next test should reflect the results of taking HIV/AIDS meds AND Dr. Sebi's treatment simultaneously.
My receipt for Dr. Sebi's All Inclusive Therapeutic Package (The Package to cure HIV/AIDS.) and Contents.

My receipt for Dr. Sebi's Book ordered from his office.

When you get sick or old, all you'll have is a bunch of yesterdays and very few tomorrows. Then you'll realize all of your best days are behind you.


  1. is that the Monthly price for Dr.Sebi package?

  2. Xoxoxoxo im so proud of you. IVE been undetectable for 9 mos now on these meds I hate them so much and the devils behind them. I wish I knew the answer Queen I would give the cure away. Greed is the devil everybody want a $$$ instead of tryly helping.

    1. Thank you! What kind of side effects are you experiencing? I guess they never go away. Congratulations on your undetectable status though. I have to stay focused and continue to press on. These meds are no way to live and I know there are people looking to me as a source of hope for a cure.

      But how are you holding up nonetheless? I saw that you said you've been stressing. I hope it gets better soon.


      Queen Selah

  3. Peace and blessings Queen xoxoxoxo Q? What happened to our movie?