Monday, March 7, 2016

Day 109 - Monday, March 7, 2016

"That that don't kill me, can only make me stronger."
-Kanye West (Stronger)

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up everyone! I'm back at it. I pressed the reset button and I am back on Dr. Sebi's regimen.

Before I get into that, allow me to lay out my plan of attack. I stayed up late last night listening to the recording from my last doctor's visit on the 1st. It turns out that I may have jumped the gun, but everything happens for a reason. The doctor said my cell count was at 170 or 117. It's hard to tell with such a heavy accent. And my viral load was 3,700. That's easily a fluctuation in the testing gap. Either way, it's not that bad. I am going to refer to the first specialist that I saw as Specialist #1 from this point on to avoid confusion. My current doctor will be referred to as my Primary Specialist.

There is a big difference between these doctors. Specialist #1 works in a public facility and have been working with HIV/AIDS patients for over 28 years. He takes his time to explain the flaws in the medical system and testing while treating his patients.

My Primary Specialist works in a private facility and seems to be somewhat young. Possibly in her late thirties or early 40's. It's hard to tell. She maybe even older than that and ages well. Specialist #1 is due to retire in two to three years from what he told me. My Primary Specialist speaks to me as if she;s running and ad campaign or running for president. It's like she wants me to understand that there is hope. I understand that. However, it is very difficult to understand what she is saying the majority of the time. She has a very, very, very strong Spanish accent. I have to watch her mouth very closely when she speaks to understand what she is saying. But I really do prefer her facility. Everyone there looks healthy and the people at Specialist #1's office look like half dead corpses.

Here's my honest dilemma, I really want to believe what Specialist #1 said in our visit. He seems very confident in his knowledge of the disease and even had a student shadowing him for learning purposes. He made it very clear to me that the test results are not 100% accurate because they fluctuate between wide ranges. He said you can't really trust the numbers to determine your health. And I want to believe him based on the way he explained it to me. Because every blood sample will not contain the same amount of copies of the virus (viral load) or the same amount of t-cells. That makes perfect sense to me.

On the other hand, I don't want to get my hopes us based on what he said. My Primary Specialist is very confident in the testing. I don't want to take a chance with my life. I only have one. 

Specialist #1 prescribed Genvoya and nothing else. No antibiotics or vitamins, just this one HIV/AIDS medication. I am pleased with that. I read up on this medication last night. From what I read, I learned that Genvoya is for patients who have NEVER taken antiviral medication.

The warning label really scares me because other than HIV/AIDS I have never been sick or required any form of medication outside of antibiotics or iron pills. I don't want to develop Lactic Acidosis. That sounds serious. Dr. Sebi's treatment has no warnings. They only suggest you eat right for faster results.

It states to avoid taking this medication with other HIV meds. I am going to see if I can continue to refill this prescription instead of the one my Primary Specialist has prescribed because Genvoya is for newbees to treatment and I will only be a newbee once. Once the treatment is discontinued they "claim" your body will develop a resistance for it. I don't know why I find that hard to believe. But hey, I'm no doctor. I am also very concerned with the accumulation of body fat that his medicine causes. What could possible be in these pills to cause such a strange side effect?
My Primary Specialist prescribed Triumeq. I also did research on this drug as well last night. I am going to hold off on taking this just because of fear of developing resistance to the medication. I'll let you know if anything changes in that department.

According to the drug information, it can be used with other antiviral medications.

Hypersensitivity:  (also called hypersensitivity reaction or intolerance) is a set of undesirable reactions produced by the normal immune system, including allergies and autoimmunity. These reactions may be damaging, uncomfortable, or occasionally fatal.

Those side effects in the red circle are brutal. God help me! Who wants to deal with that for a lifetime when there is a perfectly good cure out there? There is a cure on both ends in my belief. There is a natural cure and there is a cure that the government is sitting on. Of course they have the cure because they created the disease.

A lot of these side effects and reactions can cause death. This is really scary. It's making me just want to hold on to Sebi's treatment and never let go. At least I stand a chance at comfort. I'm so confused as to what is best. I shouldn't have started the meds because if I stop now, my body may have developed a resistance to continue should Sebi's treatment fail.

Lactic acidosis seems to be a major problem with both medications. And anyone who follows Dr. Sebi knows that acid is the enemy of the body. This is so confusing.

There goes that body fat warning again. You just can't win in the HIV/AIDS medication world. Another side effect is trouble sleeping and tiredness. How the heck is that even possible? That sounds like torture to me.

Honestly guys, after reading all of this, I am terrified of the medications. I am unsure about Sebi's treatment. Which basically leaves me at a stale mate. I should not have began the meds. But now, I am going to continue the Genvoya until my next appointment, is addition to Sebi's treatment, just as a means to build my immune system back up and hopefully come back undetectable. From this point we will have a leveled playing field in which I can discontinue the meds and use only Dr. Sebi's treatment.

Here is another concern with that. Will I be able to afford the next package? Only time will tell. At this point, I'll be forced to return to the prescribed medications of which my body may have developed a resistance for. If I can't afford the packages long enough to be cured, which I estimate to be no more than 6 to 9 months, then this can end up deadly.

Oh my! What a tangled web we've weaved. This journey has turned into a horror story. I am having too many doubts. I need to get back to studying Dr. Sebi's methods because the Western way has caused these doubtful feelings in me.

My Random Thoughts...

How much control do we really have over our own health? If I told my doctor that I used Genvoya, what would she do? I never lied. She never asked. If I told my doctor that I want to be monitored 100% on Dr. Sebi's treatment methods I am almost 100% sure that she would discourage me from doing so. She's probably have me committed.

I still have not accepted the fact that I am positive. I am floating in disbelief. I have accepted a lot of bad things that have happened to me in my life because it helps with forward movement sometimes. But this one is different. This is the Big Kahuna! When I accept things, I stop trying to change them. I don't want to stop trying. The day that I accept this disease is the day I accept my death.

I am feeling determined today but I have learned that this disease causes random ups and downs in emotions. You cannot gauge what tomorrow is going to be like based on the feelings of today. Superwoman one day and Wonder Woman the next.

When you have money (like Charlie Sheen) it's easy to not care what people think about you. The challenge is to not care when you DON'T have money to fall back on. Therein lies my dilemma.

Yesterday, on my way to the park there was a white homeless man on the side of the street holding a sign that read, "The Struggle Is Real." I reached in the back seat and handed him a freshly baked Jamaican patty. I watched him as he continued to walk through traffic holding the sign. Then, I noticed him eating the patty as he continued to hold the sign and walk. I put on my hazard lights and went to my trunk. I handed him a bottle of water and another patty because I realized that he was truly hungry and not just trying to get money for foolishness. His face showed that he clearly appreciated the joy of a warm meal. My son smiled.

I drank a gallon of water yesterday as suggested by Dr. Sebi. This time I tried it a different way to not make it seem so intimidating. I bought a case of spring water. Each bottle contains 16.9 FL OZ of water. There are 128 ounces in one gallon. So, I rounded it off to equal 8 bottles of water would bring me to my daily gallon. I took a permanent marker and labeled the cap of each bottle with a number from one through eight. I drank them in order throughout the day until they were all gone. I drank so much water until my lips began to look bigger. Lol. They seemed plump and juicy, or maybe I was just hallucinating. It was still funny to me though. I used the bathroom constantly and my urine was crystal clear just how I like it. I labeled eight more bottles for today and brought four of them to work with me. My son has labeled bottles as well. He has to do four bottles a day (a half gallon). It's easy to get the required amount of water down when you stay busy.

I forgot to mention that the Primary Specialist told me that you cannot have cats when you are positive because they can cause cancer. That was odd. Well, I'm glad that I don't have any cats.

Plan Of Attack...

I plan on taking the Genvoya from now until my next appointment on the 19th of April. Only to bring my viral load to undetectable status. I will also continue to take Dr. Sebi's treatment and eat right for as long as I can afford. Hopefully, I will be able to order another package by the time this one is up before my next appointment. My birthday is next month, not too long after my appointment. I want to be healthy and receive good news so I won't have to be depressed for my big thirty. I did want to go camping or jet skiing with my son, but that is no longer looking promising because I will have to work hard to save for my next package. Such is life. At least if I come back healthy and undetectable, that will be a gift within itself.

I have been talking to my Hatian coworker. She makes the best sauteed kale I have ever tasted. So, I asked her for her recipe. She sent it to me. She is an older lady in her late fifties, so she loves to help. She was giving me other ideas as well. 

I got a one inch binder and placed her recipe inside. She will be the first recipe in my recipe book. Having a go-to book will keep me focused and organized (hopefully). So, I guess a trip to Whole Foods is in the near future.

Dr. Sebi 

Testimonial of Dr. Sebi curing stage 4 pancreatic cancer and liver cancer in just a matter of months.

Sometimes H-O-P-E is all we have left . . .

To be continued...

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