Friday, March 4, 2016

Day 105 - Thursday, March 3, 2016

I'm still not taking any treatment. It is becoming extremely difficult to get out of bed. Fatigue to the third power. My arms feel like noodles. I am weak. I could barely lift the pot to put on the stove to make my son breakfast. I forgot to mention that I have been experiencing short-term memory loss as well. I guess that's why I should keep writing. I keep a journal anyway.

At work, I received an email from the Labor Relations department concerning the incident with Kevin. They asked me how it went in court. I told them the request was denied and he was laughing at me in the court room. She asked me if he had made any calls to the office since then. i said I don't know and I am not concerned. I told her that I told the staff not to inform me of any further contact he has made and to handle it however they please. I can't deal with it any more and I really don't care what happens at this point. He can say whatever he wants. He wins. I give up.

She suggested that I see the department therapist. She also said the counselor may be able to offer me some assistance as far as getting some time off. If it's not paid time off, I don't want it. But I thanked her for her help and when I can push myself enough, I may schedule a meeting with this therapist. Not to talk, because too many people already know my business and I regret that. I just want to have to say enough to get that paid time off. I am a train wreck.

I'm not eating well but I did consume my one gallon of spring water today. I took my son to basketball practice and was able to read a few chapters of Dr. Sebi's book before my body gave out on me.

In my opinion, the introduction dragged on and was boring and unnecessary. Maybe it was because I could not relate to what the author, Beverly Oliver, was writing about because I am Jamaican. She spoke of all the foods her mom and godparents use to make for her as a child. They were all sorts of southern soul food like cow tongue, collard greens, sweet potato pie, candied yams, pork chops and things of that nature that my mother never prepared for us. My mom is one of the best cooks hands down. But she only prepared Caribbean dishes like rice and peas, curry chicken, curry goat, dumplings, escovitch fish, stew peas and rice, ackie and saltfish, etc. We didn't have cornbread and grits and other items the author mentioned. So, I felt like I just wanted to get to the part about Dr. Sebi. But I am glad I read all of it thoroughly.

I made it to chapter 3 then fell asleep with my son.

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  1. Queen you hagevto make a decision soon. But do your research and get some vitamins. Did you tske all that Dr Sebi herbs? If do go take another test somewherez else because I was watching a documentary and gay homosexual had so msny diseases tested postitive at some point went and got a test somewhere else and was negative under another name. I feel when they tell you to be tested. That nobody should take these misconscrouged tests. When you ask them for the test the western blot and elisa is not accurately purifed. Question everything always.