Monday, February 29, 2016

Day 97 - Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Image result for superwoman quotes
Image result for superwoman quotes

I will make it my duty to post a picture of the products that came in the mail for Dr. Sebi's All Inclusive Therapeutic Package that just arrived int the mail.

I am going to keep it pretty brief today. I still have a bowel movement every morning before I leave the house. The Chelation 2 has become more manageable so I am able to hold it in much longer and I don't have to rush to the bathroom like I used to. I am out of Green Food Plus, Bromide Capsules and Viento. I still have not even opened the Bromide Plus Powder because I have heard so many things about how horrible it tastes. Plus, it has to be prepared warm. Sounds like work.

I haven't opened the new package yet because I am so not ready for this again. Starting a new package can be overwhelming and requires a lot of preparation. I, mentally, have no space for that right now.

I went to the gym to relieve some stress. I went hard today. Extremely! I noticed that I can run a lot better now. It feels as if I have absolutely no weight on me. I am light as a feather. My stamina has increased a very noticeable amount. I usually run in intervals. I run full speed for two tenths of a mile. Then walk for a tenth of a mile. Then switch back and forth. I was able to run an entire mile without walking. I was not tired or out of breath at all. I even continued to run for my second mile. It felt great. I had no pains in my bones, chest or lungs. I could have ran forever but I had to get to my son's karate practice. I worked out my abs as well. 

I felt great afterwards. This was exactly what I needed to de-stress. I used to go to the gym five days a week. Now, I'm always so down in the dumps that I have to push myself to even make it once.

I took my treatment today.


  1. I have seen some people put the powder in capsuled themselves to avoid taste. I know more work with prep but option if taste is unbearable. Blessings and positive vibes

    1. Thank you so much. That is a great idea. I tried the powder for the first time yesterday according to the recipe on the lid and it was absolutely delicious. Heaven in my mouth.