Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Day 95 - Monday, February 22, 2016

"Truth comes but we can't hear it. How can we hear it when we've been programmed to fear it?"
-Lauryn Hill
If you've been following my blog then you would know that I gauge my days between feeling like Superwoman or Wonder Woman. Today was a mild Wonder Woman day, but not in a bad way. I was wondering what the heck was going on for the majority of the day.

I took the twist out this morning and it was tragic. Lol. I didn't use enough gel because I don't like gel. I also didn't use holding spray. So, the spirals fell as soon as I took the rods off of them. There is still a few inches of permed hair left and it doesn't do well with certain styles. I haven't relaxed my hair in almost a year, so there is a lot of natural growth. Just not enough for certain styles. 

I absolutely panicked. I dropped my son off at school then went back home to try to figure out what to do with my hair. Nothing! I had absolutely nothing! I am a tom boy. Well, I've been called a Hot Tom Boy! Lol. I tried and tried to do something with it but couldn't. I even considered rushing over to the salon but I knew that would take at least two hours and I was already almost an hour late as it was.

So, I decided to go to my friend's house. The same one I spoke of earlier who does hair. She was laying sick in bed. Her nine year old daughter was also home sick. So, I had her to part my hair for me and I did the rest. It came out pretty decent. I made it to work about an hour and a half late. No one said anything about the time, but they did say I looked four years old with my hairdo. That's fine with me because being called young is a compliment. I love my young spirit and old soul.

You know I am very honest and transparent with my life so this is just a disclaimer for what I am about to say. Some time in the morning, my body released a large amount of mucus from my lower region. I've never seen anything like that. By "large," I mean, about a tablespoon full. It just came right out! I already know that happened because I had been eating poorly over the past few days. I am now 100% convinced that the foods not listed on the Nutritional Guide caused mucus. The proof was in my panties. Lol. It was not gross looking, smelly or stinky. Just easily identifiable.

I hadn't been eating that badly, so it only happened that one time. I am just glad that Dr. Sebi's products cleanses the body so efficiently. That was my queue to get back on board and become more disciplined. To stop letting my emotions rule my decisions about my eating and health in general. I just thought it was important to share that information with you.

In the beginning when I would drink my gallon of water each day, mucus would leave my body from everywhere, including my urine. Mind you, I am not referring to LARGE amounts of mucus. You would miss it if you didn't pay attention. Sometimes while I am speaking, mucus will come up out of nowhere. Not in an embarrassing or unmanageable way, though.

When I got home, I relaxed, watched some Grey's Anatomy, played a strategy game on my phone and struggled with washing and styling my hair. This is rough. I have to figure something out or cut it soon. I wen t to bed around 1:30 in the morning because I was so into Grey's Anatomy. Poor George O'mally, he died and Izzy has cancer.

I took my treatment today. The Bio Ferro Tonic is still horrendous! Yuck! and the Lupulo gets the mucus up immediately.

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  1. keep your hair braided/ twisted during its transition state. it will be easier to maintain and it will grown super fast and healthy


    1. Most definitely will. I'm going to see if I can book an appointment for this week. Thank you. I'll let you know how it goes.