Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day 87 - Sunday, February 14, 2016

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Happy Valentine's Day to those who celebrate it! I usually do and I am usually disappointed by the lack of thought put forth by my partner. Not this year! No unmet expectations or disappointments this year. I am the captain of my own destiny and it feels refreshingly liberating. Heading out to enjoy this day the way only a queen knows how.

I got up and got myself together beautifully. I put on my rasta colored 2-piece bathing suit and my wide brimmed hat and sunglasses. I grabbed a quick breakfast with my son and headed out to the bay. We had reservations for jet skis. It felt amazing to see my son so excited. That's when I realized I have shared my most memorable experiences with that little guy.

We signed all of the waivers, took a quick class on how to operate the jet ski, then waited for our tour guide to finish eating his lunch. My son wanted the fastest jet ski so he asked the associate which one is the fastest. Lol. He is such an adventurer...just like his mom. 

We boarded the jet ski and my blood was racing. I was so excited. We took tons of pictures. The controls were easy to remember. However, we experienced some difficulty controlling it. The instructor/tour guide had to come to us several times in the beginning to redirect us on how to handle the jet ski. He said it is easier to steer with more speed. The faster you go the easier it is to steer.

However, he did not warn me about the turbulence on the water. My son and I were flying on and off of that seat and holding on for dear life! The funny thing about this is that my son was squealing his little head off from excitement. He was having a ball. That made it that much more enjoyable for me. My son almost fell off the jet ski once but he held on to my vest and pulled himself back on while giggling. My little man in strong. We were hitting average speeds of 70mph. 

However, the other people who were riding in the group with us were not so lucky. One guy fell off of his jet ski three times and a girl fell over once. We stopped at an island for a break and to explore. It was amazing! We jet skied past celebrities' mansions within a couple of yards of their homes. This was the best day of my life by far! Not only was it the best day of my life, but it was the best Valentine's Day as well. Which is funny because I am single this year. My son and I really enjoyed ourselves.

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Just a little Valentine's humor.
I had to end the day with a bang so I decided to surprise my little man with a guinea pig. I was supposed to buy him one months ago because that was the reward he chose for having his good grades. We had to go to three stores to find one because they were all out of stock. My son fell asleep after the first store because he was tired from all of the action on the jet ski. But he made it clear that he really wanted the guinea pig like on G-Force. 

I ended up having to drive over to the next county to find a store which had some. By the time I woke my little man up, we were in the pet store looking at two guinea pigs. He squealed once again and repeatedly told me thank you for not giving up. He picked out the one he wanted as the sales associate showed him how to hold it. The guinea pig was two months old and a male.

I am so nervous that he may not be able to handle taking care of this thing on his own. I asked the associate if this is the sort of pet an eight year old would be able to manage on his own and she assured me that he could. We picked out the living quarters for our newest addition to the family and a few toys. My son held that pet carrier box as if it contained precious cargo as we brought it back to the car.

He began coming up with names. The first name he came up with was Scorpion. He always wants to name every thing Scorpion after the character on Mortal Combat. I told him not this time. So he came up with his second favorite name, Shark. I said no once again. Lol. I told him to name it a real name. That's when he said Max and Fred and a few other ones right off of the top of his head. I told him not to name it any white names or the types of names they use in the school literature. 

I was very happy with the next name he came up with and the fact that he had reasoning behind it. He said, "Mommy, I'm going to name him Raheem. It means merciful." I smiled and said that sounds better. I love the fact that he named his pet something with a splash of culture in it. A name with meaning that he was aware of. It's not that I am against white people or Europeans. It's just that everything is centered on whites/Europeans. My son cannot identify with these ideals. He needs his own culture reinforced from time to time and to see value within his own culture and not just outside.

A little more humor!

When we got home, my son helped me set up the cage and put Raheem into his new space. We read the educational material for caring for guinea pigs and I promised him I would watch G-Force with him soon so I could see what I was dealing with here. My son was happy. That's all that matters. We were both happy.

Today was a good day.

I took my treatment.



  1. Your son is your valentine! Thats nothing but genuine love right there. Blessings and positive vibes

    1. Thank you. He definitely is.


      -Queen Selah

  2. This blog had my all teary eyed; you both deserved that day.


    1. I wish I could afford to do it again. Maybe in a couple of months I will be able to. Thank you.

      -Queen Selah