Thursday, February 11, 2016

Day 82 - Tuesday, February 9, 2016

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"Relax. Just be. And be just."
-Jarod Kintz, This Book Is Not FOR SALE

I dragged myself up for work this morning. A little embarrassed about the fact that all of this personal foolishness made its way to my workplace. I dropped my son off for school and headed into the building. My boss saw me come through the doors and began smiling from ear to ear. He said he was so happy to see me. I smiled back then made my way to my desk as he walked away. A few moments later, he called me to his office and told me to take the day off to get everything squared away concerning this clown. He told me he had a dream about me last night and couldn't stop tossing and turning. He said, in his dream I hurt the guy. That's why he was so happy to see me. He didn't want me to get in trouble and he was worried about me when I left yesterday.

That made me feel very nice. He told me where I needed to go in Human Resources to file a complaint against this guy in order to keep me covered on my end. e also told me that he used to be wild and angry like me once.. But when he had his daughter everything changed. He said he shouldn't even be here right now. If it wasn't for hr, he would probably be dead or in jail. Then he told me to think about my son. 

I fought the tears back because I couldn't let anyone think I was soft. At least, not right now. I spoke to Kim and the receptionist before I left to ask them to write letters for me about what happened so I could have them to take back downtown with me because I intend to file again for a restraining order. They agreed.

I went home to see if I could locate my referral for the doctor. The pharmacy still didn't have the medicine ready because they said they had to order it. But that was fine with me. I don't plan on taking it anyway. I found the referral and headed to my doctor's appointment. The office was very nice with an oceanfront view. The doctor was Hispanic of course! I can't seem to escape that. I only hope her accent wasn't too thick to form a language barrier between us because I really need to understand what she's saying. My life depends on it.

Unfortunately, her accent was extremely thick. One of the strongest I've come in contact with. But looking directly into her mouth when she spoke made it easier for me to understand her. She had a very positive attitude and bubbly spirit. I immediately liked her. I made her my primary care physician, which cuts the co pay from $40 for a specialist down to $25 since she will be my PCP now.

Before she sent me in the lab to have my blood drawn, which I love the fact that they have a lab in-house, she gave me a quick physical exam and went over some things she thought I should know as a newly diagnosed patient. I always record my appointments in case I need to go back over something the doctor said or for when I am cured, the voice recordings will act as more proof that Dr. Sebi is the truth. I want him to get the recognition that he deserves. If it wasn't for him I would probably be suicidal right now or as soon as I found out I was positive.

But here is what blew me away about what she said. I told her how low my cell count was. I gave her my initial results from the first draw, which was 115. I didn't tell any of the doctors about Dr. Sebi and his natural approach because I didn't want them to discourage me. I also didn't tell her about my appointment or the results from last week because I didn't want her to use those labs. I wanted new ones.

Well, I asked her about how long does it take to raise the cell count. She said it takes a year to raise it twenty units. She said that is also what the textbooks and medical studies/journals show. Then she crossed her arms and bragged that she has had success in raising the count as high as 35 points in one year. It took all of my willpower to keep from bursting out in laughter. I was able to raise my count by 33 points in just ONE WEEK of using Dr. Sebi's products. Wow! I was in awe at just how miraculous this man is. That's why I wanted to laugh. I wasn't laughing at the doctor and her claims. I'm sure those are great numbers as well. I just didn't expect to hear such a great difference.

When I asked her about the viral load, she said she should be able to get it down to 0 within 6 weeks. This is based on the fact that I told her my viral load was 5,400. That is the number I gave her based n my first visit. She thought it would be in the millions based on my extremely low cell count number. I told her I didn't even know that it could go as high as millions. That was scary to hear but also comforting, knowing that I wasn't that bad off after all.

Now, I was trying to calculate as to whether or not I believed Dr. Sebi's products could get me to a 0 viral load in six weeks. In one week the numbers did go down by about 2,000. So, I guess it is possible.

The doctor also told me that within 10 years they will be on the heel of possibly having a cure. Once again, I had to hold back a chuckle. Not only because I know Dr. Sebi cures AIDS, but because I also know that these pharmaceutical companies already have the cure as well. They are just not ready to release it because they want to continue making more money.

After speaking with the doctor, they drew my blood and I left. They didn't ask me for my co-payment and I wasn't going to offer it. Lol.

After I left the doctor's office, I went to the police station to make a report. They were of great help and said they would report it to Internal Affairs as well because that was the proper protocol.

I rushed back to work to pick up the notarized letters and dropped off some coffee to Kim to how her my appreciation. She got the job done. However, she said she made some calls to find out how to deal with the Kevin situation and was advised that I would have to speak to the executive in our department just to advise him of what was going on. I don't like to speak much but I assured her that I would take care of it. I had three letters. One from Kim. One from the receptionist. And one from my boss. This should suffice.

I picked my Cuddle Bug up from school early and dropped my car at home. We hopped on the train and headed back downtown. I submitted my new statement. This time I was able to write it myself instead of one of the court officials. I think that's what messed me up the first time. The court official left out sooooo many details of what I was saying until the claim was bland and void. Now, I was able to state my own claim. I even forgot to include the letters when I submitted it. I asked the court officials if I could leave because I had to take my son to basketball practice. They said as long as I come back before they close at 8.

My son was hungry but we were running out of time. I told him I would get him something to eat after practice. We made it to my car. He went in the house and got dressed. And we made it to his practice just in time. When practice was over, I took him to get something to eat. Then dropped him home and told him to do his homework and shower. I was exhausted. But I still had to get on the train and rush back down to the courthouse. I didn't want to drag my son through that again so I went alone. 

I made it there around 7:30pm. The court official began smiling as soon as she saw me. It was granted!!! I did my happy dance right there in the hallway as she closed down the office for the evening. I called my brothers to let them know what happened, and Kim as well.

As soon as I walked into the door, my son asked me if they granted it. He is so smart. He picks up on things so quickly. I told him yes and he said he knew they would since I had the letters. I gave him a tight hug and told him he could sleep with me tonight. He loves sleeping in bed with his legs and arms wrapped around me. That's why I call him Cuddle Bug.

I did take my treatment today.


  1. so happy it was granted! i can only imagine the rage you felt at someone who hurt you in so many ways continuing to try to hurt you. youre brave and an inspiration to more people than you realize. sending healing positive thoughts your way

    1. Thanks a million Anne. All of this is still fresh. Just when I thought I was healed, this a**hole comes along and rips the scab off. If only he knew that he is awakening a sleeping beast. I've never laid down in the bed with this man ever! So, I don't understand what his beef with me is and I'm not trying to understand it either. If he has beef, I'm going to cook it. The one who I was actually with is trying to fly beneath the radar, as he should. I don't mean to come off any type of way, but I really don't understand the gay community. I don't know how to receive what is going on here. And on top of that, they are not just gay, gay people are more reasonable and logical to deal with, they are undercover gays who are still in the closet. These are the types that are hard to understand and who possess no logic or rationale. So, all I have left to utilize is rage. I'm tired of this s**t though. I was happy and I just want to go back to being happy and climbing my way back to optimal health.

  2. Woot woot!! On sideline cheering for ya.

    1. Lol. When I read this I started dancing.

  3. I like you post Queen Selah, i have a proverb for you "Make drugs as food, and make the food as medicine". Maybe you interest with my post, at

  4. Wow, love hearing this great news! I LOVE the fight in you! You remind me so much of myself. Ok, so...I had to laugh at the dr's claims that a cure would be found within the next 10 years. To us Sebians, that's just so unbelievable. Can't WAIT to hear of her reaction after you've been cured.

    1. Thank you Michelle. I love to see your name pop up in my comments section. Always so positive. Great energy!

      Yeah, I giggled too when the doctor said that. But I tried to restrain myself because I didn't want to come off as rude. Lol. Exactly! I'm going to show her that the cure is here now and it's not coming from any of her prescribed medication.

  5. I have been following your story...give me a ring. I want to learn more about your journey...I am too in the Sebi whole for a few years now. 347.570.0909 Nura

    1. I will give you call tomorrow morning after ten.

  6. Hi Queen,

    I came across your blog yesterday in the midst of what was going to be the meltdowns of all meltdowns. Fate led me to you because I was on the brink.... I saw where you mentioned how at times you felt like shutting this down... please don't. You have quite possibly saved my life. I have been following Dr Sebi and his teaching for a number of years - earlier this year I began transitioning to an alkaline diet just for optimal health and as my ex had always been such a Sebian and encouraged me along that line. When Dr Sebi passed I began reviewing his lectures more in debt - totally unaware of my own illness. In September, I did my routine physical which has been pending for a few years and I was told that I was HIV + . My world broke to pieces. My ex (of 6 years) is negative as is the man I was with after my ex so the HIV specialists are telling me that I may have had this prior to 2014 but just never got sick. They prescribed for me Genvoya (which is still unopened) and I recently received my Therapeutic package to start the Dr Sebi treatment. I fast forwarded to the last blogpost (anxiety was taking me over I had to see what your end result was) so I know you have been cured. Your blog has blessed me in ways I may never be able to communicate verbally. Whatever moved you to do this blog...I extend my gratitude to that source and to you for your obedience in doing it. You have saved me ! I was at my wits' end. I too, inspite of my faith in Dr Sebi, had those moments where I asked "so why is there no one to step forward and say Dr Sebi has cured them of HIV/Aids?" I go back in to have my second set of labs done in November - after which I will start my Dr Sebi therapeutic package (I already started a protocol of black seed powder and Olive leaf extract and I want to ensure I keep the demarcation points clear so I am able to properly assess what works and what doesn't) You are a blessing and your strength is remarkable. The fact that you actually blogged through this all shows your commitment and that has empowered and motivated me. I hope you and your cuddle bug are safe because I know how dangerous it can be when Big Pharma feels threatened. Stay safe and Healthy...sending you some love !!!