Thursday, January 7, 2016

Day 49 - Thursday, January 7, 2016

"One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn't pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself."
-Lucille Ball

I woke up in better spirits this morning. I was able to drop my son off to school with enough time for him to have breakfast and I made it to work on time. My morning meeting was cancelled. So, there was some relief in that area. I had watermelon chunks and walnuts for breakfast. I've been dreading going to the intake appointment later today. I hate going down to that HIV/AIDS graveyard. The vibe in there is so discouraging, but I'm going to remain optimistic about it.

I'm thinking about purchasing the "Happy New You Package" from Dr. Sebi. He's currently having a promotional sale on these items which would usually sell for $250. I receive his newsletter every month and he usually has an item listed at a discount price. This is the first time I have seen him promote an entire package. 

Since, I do not have all of the money for the All Inclusive Therapeutic Package that I need for my condition. I think this would be a great, cheaper, start to assess the healing properties of Dr. Sebi's products. I'm going to check my bank account now. And if I have enough money to cover my bills for the month I am definitely going to try to order this product in hopes that it will arrive before my doctor's appointment on the 11th. Dr. Sebi's office is usually very good about shipping in a timely manner. This promotion really has me pumped up again. I just hope I can afford it. I will keep you guys updated.

I just checked his website and the only package that is listed is currently sold out. It's not the same package as the one shown in the newsletter so I tried to call the office. The voice recording said it is not their business hours. The office is located in Californian so they are at a different time zone than I. I am located on the East Coast. So, I will try to call back later to inquire.

After speaking with Deborah yesterday. I have also decided to do a little research into this Ryan White Program. I honestly don't even know who Ryan White is. But he and his program is very popular among the HIV/AIDS community.

Image result for on holdOkay, so it is now 1:22 pm and I just got off of the phone with Dr. Sebi's office. I was on hold for 53 minutes before I was able to speak with someone. It turns out that the packages are ONLY sold over the phone. Since it took so long to be able to reach someone, I decided to just go out on a limb and purchase the package and worry about the money later. I spoke with someone named Beatrice, although I don't believe that was her real name. She hesitated before telling it to me. Either way, she was very nice, patient, and informative. I was able to ask her a few questions while she was pulling up my account. I asked her if she knew of anyone who contacts the office who has been cured of HIV. I assured her that I am not a skeptic and that I was just curious. I told her how I never see any testimonials about anyone being cured of my condition and that I noticed there is an email address posted on the newsletter where clients/customers can submit their testimonies.

She told me, without mentioning names, of all sorts of people who have been cured of everything from herpes, to stage 4 breast cancer, and HIV. She said most people who are cured of HIV are very private about it outside of the office. They don't really care to express that so openly. She told me a few other things without sounding like she was laying it on thick or force a sale. She never stalled or stuttered at any point in her conversation (other than giving her name). I got what I needed. I was encouraged.

She assured me that the products work but that I must keep in mind that this is a lifestyle. She said the people who had the fastest results being healed were the ones that followed the Nutritional Guide 100%.

Uh oh! I better be ready once my package comes. Sheesh! Time to get disciplined Selah!

The last time I called the office, which was immediately after my diagnosis, I spoke with a woman named Yvonne. She was so sweet and professional that I wish I had a direct line of communication to her. I just called at that point to ask about my options concerning my disease. She answered all of my questions and sent me a follow-up email of everything we discussed as soon as we got off of the phone.

Although I was on hold for so long, it took only seven minutes to complete the ordering process, including the questions. That's not bad for a life changing cure. She said once the order has been processed within the next 24 hours, I would receive a confirmation email and the package would be shipped out in 3 to 5 business days. Yes!!! I feel ready.

Image result for one on one meeting
It's a little after seven at night and I just got home from the appointment at Care Resources. The lady who called me to reset my appointment told me it could take up to two hours to complete. Let me tell you how it went. The first step was to meet with the psychologist. His name is Lazaro and he performed a Psycho-social Evaluation on me. As soon as it began, I knew this process was going to take more than two hours. He was an older Latin man with a heavy Spanish accent. I could tell English was not his first language and that he did not speak it often.

It was very hard to understand what he was saying but I paid very close attention and kept my upbeat and happy spirit. I answered all of his questions and told a few jokes in between. I guess ordering that therapeutic package put me in a very good mood. Lazaro laughed a lot while I giggled. In between the questions on the evaluation he seemed to be asking me personal questions of his own. He kept telling me that I was beautiful. Once he found out I was from the islands he said that it all made sense now because Caribbean women are usually very pretty.

One of the questions he asked me was am I isolated. I answered that one very quickly, of course I am! I've always been this way. I'm a nice, sweet, loving person but I enjoy my own space. I don't like to go out around other people. I rather stay at home in my peaceful environment.Lazaro seemed to be interested in me on a personal level, not necessarily a romantic one though. Just interested in knowing me outside of the test.

He then went on to tell me that the average HIV medication costs around $3,000 per month. He said my insurance would cover the medicine and the Ryan White Program would take care of the copay. Even though that would mean no money out of my pocket, it fails in comparison to Dr. Sebi's plan. Dr. Sebi's All Inclusive Therapeutic Package (which cures HIV) costs $1,500 only per month and you only have to take it until you are cured, which can be anywhere from 12 days to 18 months.HIV medication is taken for life with no cure.

After our initial assessment, which lasted over an hour, he took me to my case manager. Her name is Edda and she is from St. Vincent. She was a very sweet lady with natural hair. She reminded me of a "soul sister" even though she was very soft-spoken. The first thing I noticed when I walked into her office was the large picture on the wall behind me which read: "Leaders are like eagles, they don't find them one at a time."

I love a good quote. I hope to some day become a leader one day soon after conquering this disease. My passion is to help and educate others.

I asked her about the contribution Ryan White makes to my medical coverage and how it works with my insurance. She stated that Ryan White only covers the copay for medication, not doctor visits.  She also said they only work with two of their local pharmacies, and not the big name ones.

I asked her about my options pertaining to physicians of my choice. She tole me I could see whomever I chose but she suggested that I see the doctors they have there, at the building, because they are specialists. She said they know exactly what labs she needs to see. When you're enrolled in the Ryan White Program, you have to have labs submitted every month so they can monitor your health. I told her that I didn't like coming there and I rather go to my own doctor. So, I asked her for a copy of the labs she needed done and she gave them to me. She highlighted them for me but then I saw that they wanted me to get the flu shot and I am totally against that. I brought it to her attention and she said I didn't have to get it if I didn't want to. Good. I'm excited about taking this paper to my doctor and getting these tests done.

She explained to me that T-cell counts and viral load tests are two different things. A normal T-cell range is between 1200 to 1500. And T-cells below 200 is considered AIDS. She said doctor's need to conduct a genotype test to see if there is a resistance to any of the medication. She said she used to work in the lab and draw blood before she obtained her Bachelor's Degree. I was impressed. She knew both sides of the field.

I informed her that I was more interested in just using the doctors for lab work so I can keep an eye on my T-cell count because I wanted to take a natural approach to treatment. What she said next was unexpected and lit me up light a Christmas tree. She said she has several clients who do not use medicine. They take herbs and it shoots their T-cells all the way up to 1600. She said they have shown her videos of tribal gatherings were they perform the practice. She said, she also has other clients who take rat poison and things of that nature to make them throw up like a cleanse.

After hearing my story, she was saddened and said she hopes they come out with a cure. I said there is one.

That's when I asked her about Dr. Sebi. I was shocked when she told me she had never heard of him. She asked me how to spell his name as I informed her of his practices. She said she's going to look him up. Knowing that there were others with HIV using herbs really encouraged me to keep going because now I knew for sure I was on the right path.

I told her that I still planned to fill all of my prescriptions for the medications since they were already covered. But I wasn't going to take them. She told me of a new drug that she heard was very good, with minimal side effects, called Genvoya. I think it is the same one Deborah was talking about yesterday at the Health Department. She just pronounced it differently.

As she was talking, I continued to take notes. There were several posters on her office wall. One of the posters said that a CD4 count of 500 and up is good. I made a mental note of that for my doctor's visit. I have never been more excited to see a physician. Throughout our entire meeting, which was two hours long, she just kept saying how stron I am, based on the way I spoke with such confidence. She also said she feels sorry for my son because he didn't deserve to lose a father figure or have someone to hurt his mother the way Anthony did me. I assured her that he is fine and that he will be even better once I'm cured in a couple of months.

My treatment today consisted of 3 sarsaparilla capsules taken twice a day, one burdock capsule taken three times a day, and one full dropper of Black Elderberry and Dandelion liquid extract taken three times per day. I ran out of Bio Ferro tonic last night.

Good night all. I'm going to do a little research on Ryan White and his program. I am excited about my future.

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  1. Hi Queen Selah

    This is a fascinating story indeed. I'm from South Africa, Pretoria. I was recently diagnosed with HIV. Those were devastating news I have ever heard in my entire life. I read about dr Sebi's product on the internet. So I decided to inquire about them. I phoned the office and I was told that I have to order a customized designed package, e.g all inclusive, advanced, etc. This should be ordered on the telephone. I was excited to hear this. The following week I decided to order an advanced package, but before I phoned in I commented on drsebicellfood facebook page about my intention to buy. The response I got crippled me spiritually, because I believe that these herbs can kill this virus. The office told me that they cannot export their products to African countries. Unless if I have someone, a relative or a friend who resides in the USA who can ship them over to me into my country. Unfortunately I don't have anyone. Does this mean then that I will never get my hands on these super herbs? This is extremely sad for me. My doctor told me to come collect my first ARV tablets tomorrow. I don't like popping pills for eternity without getting cured. It is a frustrating exercise indeed. Please,can anyone assist? I need dr sebi's products desperately. Thank you