Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Day 47 - Tuesday, January 5, 2016

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"You will face your greatest opposition when you're closest to your biggest miracle."
-Shannon L. Alder

Oh the many challenges one must face when trying to do the right thing...

I was having such a good day. Everything went smoothly and I got a lot of work done on the job today.

I picked up the Bromide capsules that I ordered from Dr. Sebi today. I had to get them from the post office because I missed the delivery. I'm going to hold off on taking them until I got to the doctor on the eleventh. This way I'll be able to accurately monitor if there was any improvement. I'll begin taking the herbs and his products immediately after my appointment and try to set another appointment for a month later.

Immediately after work, I went to the gym to exercise. I did my usual cardio regimen and added in some legs and abs.

When I left the gym, I went to the grocery store because I began to realize the reason I was having cravings and finding it hard to eat only the approved foods was because I missed having warm meals. The mushroom and dumpling dinners are fine but I wanted to try something different tonight to add to my menu. I was going to make Jamaican patties using mushrooms instead of the ground beef and spelt flour for the crust.

I purchased all the necessary items and was surprised to find that Walmart now carried burro bananas. Those things are very hard to find. Those are the bananas Dr. Sebi recommends above all. He says they are the original banana. I bought a bundle of them and some fresh fruits for my morning smoothies and snacks.

However, when I got home I completed all the prep work of cutting up the vegetables and making the dough. Nut the devil was in my kitchen again. Lo and behold, for the first time in my life, my stove stopped working. The oven and the stovetop would not get hot at all. 

I was frustrated. I began to calculate how much it would cost me to get that fixed. I put away all the prepped vegetables, which I knew would go to waste before the stove could be repaired, in little zip lock bags. I was starving. So, I through my hands up in the air and poured myself a bowl of my son's Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.

The worst thing you can do when following Dr. Sebi's healing regimen to reverse disease is what I did tonight. I consumed milk. What started out to be a promising day, turned rapidly into failure.

I took the same treatment regimen as yesterday, finished the leftovers from my smoothie, and snacked on a date and banana chips.

Bio Ferro
Liquid Tonic
Dr. Sebi
2 tbsp b.i.d.
Black Elderberry
Liquid Extract
Herb Pharm
1 full dropper t.i.d.
Capsule 425mg
1 cap t.i.d.
Liquid Extract
Herb Pharm
1 full dropper t.i.d.
3 caps b.i.d.

Image result for challenges

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