Monday, January 4, 2016

Day 46 - Monday, January 4, 2016

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"Old stories are like old friends. You have to visit them from time to time."
-George R. Martin

What a day! What a day! Let's begin, shall we? I had a tough time getting out of bed (or off the couch, because that's where I have been sleeping for the past few months.) this morning because the weather was finally getting cool and it felt so good and snuggly under the covers. But today was the first day back to school after the Winter Break. So, I had to get up to take my little prince to school. I pried myself off of the couch and prepared my smoothie for the day:

Burro Bananas
Hemp Seeds

I had a massive bowel movement this morning. Felt great and relieved afterwards. I'm sure I removed a lot of toxins with that one. Lol. I dropped off little man and made my way to work. Today was a smooth one except I was still uncomfortable with the way my uniform was fitting. It was just way too baggy. I asked my supervisor if I could order more pants. He approved. I wanted something other than my smoothie for lunch. It was just one of those days. So I went home in the afternoon and got my leftovers from last night's dinner and brought it back to work.

That's when I realized I should have heated it up at home. Now, I had to use the microwave. I haven't microwaved any of my food in over three months. So I reluctantly reheated my food in the radiation machine, sat at my desk and ate, and satisfied my cravings. I only finished about half of my shake and sipped on it throughout the day.

When I arrived home I took one burdock capsule before heading to the gym. I did cardio and abs today. I can feel that gym addiction coming back. That's a great feeling. Positive channeling of energy.

After the gym, I was craving Little Caesar's Pizza for some strange reason. I don't think there is one real ingredient on that pizza, but they taste pretty good to me. I fought off the urge and settled with a salad instead. I didn't drink nearly as much water as I was supposed to today. And I'm starting to notice that there have been some days that the smoothies just are not filling. For example, I may not be hungry or have an appetite, but I will drink a full 32 oz smoothie and it won't feel like it even coated the lining of my stomach. I think this is what leaves room for the cravings. I'll play around with my smoothie recipes and see if I can fix this problem.

After the gym, I received a surprise visit from my big brother. He brought me an awesome tablet/laptop!!! I was so ecstatic! You guys have no idea how much I like to write. Writing is therapeutic for me. Whether the words are spelled right or the grammar is incorrect doesn't matter when I'm in therapy. It just feels good. Simple. I am currently blogging from my new tablet now.

We also talked about plans for me to go to Dr. Sebi's USHA Village and how that would affect my job. We discussed if it would be better for me to go there or purchase the therapeutic packages. That's my constant dilemma because I believe going to the village would be more efficient but I am unsure of how many days, weeks, or months I would have to stay there in order to be cured. I was shooting for one month maximum. Not to be cured, but to stay at the village and still be able to return to work and keep my job. If I am not cured within that time, I would then begin the therapeutic package. It costs $800 per week to stay at the USHA Village. This includes all meals, herbs, a hut, and full access to the thermal waters and the village. So four weeks would run me about $3,200 plus air travel which costs about $600. That is $3,800 for one month. It costs $1500 for the package treatment for one month. So that trip would equal to two months worth of treatment. However, the great part about actually going to the village is the fact that I won't have to cool or prepare my own meals. I won't have access to any unhealthy foods so I will have no choice but to be disciplined and receive optimal care. The thermal heating waters will help speed the process along as well and I will be able to meet the great Dr. Sebi.

But I have fears. I'm afraid I'm going to miss my son. I'm afraid my phone won't have service in that area for some strange reason and I will be stranded in the event that something happens to me. I'm afraid that if I am mistreated I won't be able to reach anyone for help. If it was Dr. Sebi running the place alone, I would be fine with no worries. But I have heard a few stories about his daughter not being very kind or caring. I just want to receive all that Dr. Sebi is capable of without any foolishness. Money is hard to come by and I don't want to waste any. My brother said he would help me with this process and asked me how I found out about my diagnosis. I explained to him everything that happened before he left to go home.

Now, what was remarkable about this day is that my brother and I have had a very strained relationship since my mom left the country. Life was hard on us, with everyone trying to find their way on their own. But this brother was always close to me, even when we didn't talk. Sometimes we'd go years without speaking. But tonight Dr. Sebi healed more than my blood issue, he healed my family and brought my brother and I back together. Our bond felt the way it's supposed to feel. Real...

Bio Ferro
Liquid Tonic
Dr. Sebi
2 tbsp b.i.d.
Black Elderberry
Liquid Extract
Herb Pharm
1 full dropper t.i.d.
Capsule 425mg
1 cap t.i.d.
Liquid Extract
Herb Pharm
1 full dropper t.i.d.
3 caps b.i.d.

I had 3 bowel movements today.

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