Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Day 39 - Monday, December 28, 2015

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"There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in."
-Leonard Cohen, Selected Poems, 1956-1968

Today, I made a sour sop, banana, kale and mango smoothie. Friends and coworkers have been offering to pay me on a weekly basis to make smoothies for them as well. I am a bit reluctant to do so because I believe they are more interested in the weight loss aspect of it than its health benefits. My uniform fits very loosely on me now. It was tight when I was first fitted for it. I almost requested a larger size. I am so glad that I didn't. Now I want to put in a request for a smaller set. They fit so baggy now. Also, I'm not that confident in myself to provide services for others. As much as I could use the money to put towards my package, I don't want to take on such a responsibility then end up letting someone down. I have been considering making the smoothies for one of my coworkers because she has Parkinson's disease. She's not interested in curing the Parkinson's but she says she is always constipated. She says she has one bowel movement every three to five days. I am confident that I can help her in that area with no problem! Ha ha ha.

While at work, my coworker came in with her lunch engulfing the room with such a tasty aroma that I almost chopped her in the throat. She's knows about my strict diet and she brought that temptation right next to me. She could have ate that in the kitchen. But I sat through it because I have to learn to program myself to resist temptation in the real world. Once she was finished, I asked her what she had for lunch. As soon as I asked her she began to apologize because she realized what she had done. I laughed and told her it was okay. It really wasn't though. Lol. Just kidding. Then she told me she had left work to go to a funeral and help out her aunt with serving the food. It was soul food, baked chicken, green beans, pigeon peas and rice, macaroni and cheese, and cornbread. Oh, how that sounded like music to my ears and destruction to my body! One can dream, right? That smell was torture. Even while it sat in the garbage bin.

After work, I snacked on banana chips while I prepared my sour sop, banana, kale, and mango smoothie. Before bed, I curled up on the couch snacking on walnuts while I watched Grey's Anatomy, Season 3, before I drifted off to sleep. I'm in love with that show. George married Cali and Burke just asked Christina to marry him. I hope she says yes because I am living my life vicariously through Christina on this show. And I'm really disappointed that George married Cali after she slept with his coworker. Burke and Christina are the only ones on the show who have not slept around. Izzy has not slept with anyone other than Alex either. Sorry for the side-bar. That show is my sourceof peace lately, as I am not a very social or outgoing person. I love to be in the safe confines of my home with my little Cuddle Bug (my son).

Bio Ferro
Liquid Tonic
Dr. Sebi
2 tbsp b.i.d.

I have been taking it easy with the treatments lately. Not because I have been experiencing any adverse affects or anything. But just because I wanted to be more organized with my approach. Not all of the herbs I have been taking are geared toward curing my disease, but they are all good for you. What I want to do is hone in on the ones specific to H.I.V. more than anything else. So, I am still doing my research. I know that Dr. Sebi's Bio Ferro product aids in reversing H.I.V. That's why I am still taking it. Sarsaparilla and guaco does as well. So i will probably be taking those again soon. I have to sort through the others to see there role against my disease. But I will continue to follow the Nutritional Guide to the best of my ability.

I will address three of the products today. Dr. Sebi has the following products, Bio Ferro Capsules, Bio Ferro Tonic, and Bromide Plus. I will list their ingredients below:

Bio Ferro Capsules:
Yellow Dock

Bio Ferro Tonic:
Yellow Dock

Bromide Plus:
Irish Sea Moss

If you have been paying attention to my previous posts and the treatments I had been taking, you would notice that I was already taking the Bromide Plus almost on a daily basis. I would make smoothies with Irish Sea Moss in them and take a Bladderwrack capsule everyday. As for the other items, I was taking Burdock, Yellow Dock, Sarsaparilla, and Elderberry daily as well.

These are the choices I chose to make because I can't wait to be healed and I wanted a head start on getting better. However, I do not know the amounts of each herb included in Dr. Sebi's products. I was using my own discretion. That's why I am trying to save for HIS recommended package as soon as possible. He didn't win a Supreme Court case for nothing. Whether or not, I or anyone else believes in him, HE HAS CURED AIDS, and I only have H.I.V. Call me optimistic, yet well-informed.

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  1. When do you test for HIV again Selah? I apologise for keeping my ID anonymous, recently diagnosed, and my mom already asked me is I have HIV, I don't want her worrying, we are already dealing with so much, keeping a watch out for cancer for her is already too much. I was recently diagnosed with HIV, and don't 100% fully trust my medical services providers. I have already contacted Dr Sebi's support line in California, keeping my skype credits alive to call them again, please let us know more on your progress.

    I am also already on these strong toxic acidosis causing anti-retrovirals and one med containing mariwana (the best part i guess). I have moved to 100% vegetables and fruits this week, as every single canned juice seems to just be poisoned or acid regulated or colorised, it's so complicated picking out food of the shelves that I've decided if it isn't raw, and on Dr Sebi's list, I am not eating it.

    I'll bookmark you okay? Your blog is amazing. My Doctors some are warm and welcoming and applaud my efforts to looking into a trip to Honduras with Dr Sebi, and to let them know of my progress, consult with them every step of the way, and my main Doctor is not too keen, he simply washed his hands, and says you won't say "I told you" Dr Sebi is okay, which I think he is more concerned about me filing a lawsuite. I could care less about that, I need healing, I've feel damaged, and if I don't repair what was done, nobody will or can for me, for that matter.

    I applaud your efforts as well with this blog, please don't keep us out of the loop.

    Skinny Lil Bro